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Bockshorn (Ram's Horn)

1984, color, 103 min. Feature
Dir.: Frank Beyer
Script: Ulrich Plenzdorf
Camera: Claus Neumann
Music: Günther Fischer
Cast: Jeff Dominiak, Bert Löper, Djoko Rosic, Anton Karastoyanov, Dieter Montag, Gunter Schoß, et al.
35mm, no subtitles - renting information


Two adolescents, Sauly and Mick, get to know each other while hitchhiking and stick together for the long haul. They both want to reach the ocean, which is some thousand kilometers away. An old car picks them up, but the trip ends shortly thereafter in a sleazy motel. At the bar, a man named Landolfi approaches them. He explains to Sauly that he must have sold his guardian angel to a man by the name of Miller in the city of Prince. Though the boys do not believe in guardian angels, Sauly slowly succumbs to his own fears. He would like to have his guardian angel back again. On their trip, Sauly becomes sick. Mick works on  a farm to pay the doctor's bills. Once Sauly is well, they travel farther - until they reach Prince. In this mysterious city, all of the people are named Miller, and once Sauly and Mick finally are at the ocean, they meet Landolfi once more. Sauly demands his guardian angel back but instead, after an altercation with Landolfi, finds his death.

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