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Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet (Until Death Do Us Part)

1979, color, 96 min. Feature
Dir.: Heiner Carow
Script: Günther Rücker
Camera: Jürgen Brauer
Music: Peter Gotthardt, Antonin Dvorak
Cast: Katrin Sass, Martin Seifert, Angelica Domröse, Renate Krössner
VHS-NTSC, English subtitles:


Sonja and Jens truly love each other. Their wedding and subsequent married life is heaven on earth in their eyes - especially because they already own a flat and a baby will soon complete their happiness. But then Sonja realizes that being a housewife and mother does not fulfill her. She misses her job and colleagues and would like to work again. Jens is entirely opposed to this idea. Having been deprived of a harmonious family life in his childhood, he now demands a harmonious married life from Sonja, but based on conventional notions of what that would be. She seems to submit to his demand, but then she takes the examination to gain higher status in her profession without his knowledge. Jens feels betrayed and becomes violent. He regrets his actions and wants to prove himself. He starts a training course, which he is unable to handle. Out of despair, he begins to drink. Sonja works secretly. Panic stricken, she has an abortion. When Jens learns about it, he loses his self-control completely. At this point, Sonja only feels hatred for him. When Jens drinks from a bottle in which Sonja knows that there is some caustic detergent, she does not stop him. But Jens survives. Sonja cannot deal with her guilt and soon she openly admits her guilt to Jens. Tragedy will help both of them to mature and make a new start.

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