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Automärchen (Motoring Tales)

1983, color, 98 min. Feature
Dir.: Erwin Stranka
Script: Erwin Stranka (based on short stories by Jiri Marek)
Camera: Helmut Bergmann
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
Cast: Kurt Böwe, Roman Kaminski, Ramona Hennecke, Marylu Poolman, Deszö Garas, Michele Marian, Horst Weinheimer, et al.
16 mm, no subtitles - renting information


Unusual things are happening around cars. The petty clerk Piel is seduced by a fairy and persuaded to careen down the highway at ridiculous speeds in his Trabant. The executive manager Neumann gives his soul to a black cat in return for a prestigious road cruiser, even selling his house just to maintain it thereafter. The mechanic Ali is convinced that ghosts are playing games with his vehicles. His boss Sengebusch takes him for a nut case, until he suddenly finds himself involved in the mysterious game as well. "Automobile Misfortune" personified offers him a privilege: Sengebusch will supernaturally receive information in advance about car accidents so that he can be the first at the scene to extract replacement parts from the misfortunate car. While such an ability would be tantalizing for his business, Sengebusch does not let himself be corrupted. Instead he tries to prevent the car accidents in the first place, thus outsmarting "Automobile Misfortune" in the end.

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