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Der Augenzeuge - Die 70er Jahre (The Eyewitness - The 70s)

2001, b/w, 305 min. (3 cassettes), Documentary/Newsreel
VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


This video series gives one insight into the daily events back then in the form of raw reportage of the weekly chronicles, showing (often in headlines) the momentous political and economic occurrences, athletic and youth competitions, arts and entertainment and diverting encounters with public officials as well as discoveries and incidents that moved a nation.

Part 1: The 70s (1970-1973)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1970 and 1973, one can see amongst other things:

No. 6 from 2/3/1970: Auschwitz: a Warning and a Responsibility, 20 Years of National Security
No. 13 from 3/24/1970: Stoph - Brandt Meet in Erfurt, Indoor European Track and Field Championship
No. 21 from 5/21/1970: Trips to Cuba, Nepal and Gdynia, Sports: Speedway, Soccer

No. 30 from 7/21/1971: Baltic Sea Week, Tromper Wieck: Campus March, Carpets from Baghdad
No. 44 from 10/27/1971: Free Angela Davis, Picasso Turns 90 - Looking Back on Himself, Sailing Regatta

No. 15 from 4/5/1972: Barzel and the Peace, Daniel Gérard "Butterfly," Commercial Menus for Small Children
No. 26 from 6/19/1972: Fidel Castro Visits the GDR, 14th Worker Festival

No. 34 from 8/8/1973: 10th World Fair
No. 35 from 8/13/1973: A Nation in Mourning: Walter Ulbricht Died on August 1st
No. 52 from 12/14/1973: Vienna Music Society: James Last, Christmas Celebration with Pit-Plash

Part 2: The 70s (1974-1976)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1974 and 1976, one can see amongst other things:

No. 28 from 7/1/1974: World Soccer Championship: GDR - FRG: 1:0, 20 Years of Eulenspiegel Publishing House
No. 31 from 7/22/1974: Gladys Marin - Visit to the GDR
No. 38 from 9/3/1974: Mecklenburg - How a Village Gave a Strip of Land Its Name
No. 48 from 11/25/1974: Palace of the Republic Topping-Out Ceremony,  Harvest, Christmas Markets

No. 1 from  1/3/1975: The Carnation Revolution
No. 26 from 6/27/1975: Conference for Safety and Cooperation in Genf, 30 Years of the United Nations
No. 32 from 8/8/1975: Peace Agreement of Helsinki, Fifth Children and Youth "Spartakiade" (Sport Competition)

No. 10 from 3/5/1976: ORWO, Innsbruck: Highlights of the Winter Olympics
No. 17 from 4/23/1976: 30 Years of the DEFA Weekly Newsreel "The Eyewitness"
No. 24 from 6/11/1976: Cuban Cement Works, Trucks from Bela's Factory, Applied Arts Museum

Part 3: The 70s (1977-1980)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1977 and 1980, one can see amongst other things:

No. 44 from 10/28/1977: Ernst Barlach, Stralsund: Ocean Museum, Archeological Excavation at Rügen

No. 7 from 2/10/1978: Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956)
No. 19 from 5/5/1978: Morenos - 9 Young Artists, Dance Tournament: 23 Couples from 10 Countries
No. 41 from 10/6/1978: Joined on the Earth and in the Universe: Space Flight GDR - USSR
No. 52 from 12/22/1978: Year in Review: Thoughts and Opinions

No. 19 from 5/11/1979: Hovercraft, Sports: Sky Diving, Mountain Climbing, Skateboarding

No. 4 from 1/25/1980: Boney M - Concert in Warsaw, Remains of the Incas: Machu Picchu
No. 10 from 3/7/1980: 10th Political Song Festival: Songs are the Brothers of the Revolution
No. 40 from 10/3/1980: History of Aviation, Profile of a Future Officer
No. 51 from 12/19/1980: We Were There - the Last "Eyewitness"

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