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Der Augenzeuge - Die 60er Jahre (The Eyewitness - The 60s)

2001, b/w, 318 min. (3 cassettes), Documentary/Newsreel
VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


This video series gives one insight into the daily events back then in the form of raw reportage of the weekly chronicles, showing (often in headlines) the momentous political and economic occurrences, athletic and youth competitions, arts and entertainment and diverting encounters with public officials as well as discoveries and incidents that moved a nation.

Part 1: The 60s (1960-1963)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1960 and 1963, one can see amongst other things:

No. 16 from 2/19/1960: NATO Troops in West Berlin, Leipzig Zoo, Cross-country Driver
No. 35 from 4/26/1960: DEFA Film "Mother Courage," Ivory from Carrara, Basketball
No. 57 from 7/12/1960: Baltic Sea Week 1960

No. 25 from 6/20/1961: 20th Anniversary of Military Aggression Against the Soviet Union, Khruschev on the Kennedy Rally
No. 37 from 9/12/1961: Song About Willy Brandt and the 13th of August Sung By Three Armor Soldiers
No. 52 from 12/27/1961: That was 1961

No. 10 from 3/7/1962: Leipzig Fair, 6th Anniversary of the National People's Army (NVA) with a Big Tattoo
No. 45 from 11/7/1962: The "Spiegel" Affair, Leningrad Ballet "Dying Swan"

No. 45 from 11/6/1963: Visit to the Birthplace of the Satellite, Seelenbinder Commemorative School of Gymnastics
No. 48 from 11/27/1963: John F. Kennedy's Assassination, Sports: Racing Battle Vehicles, Motor Boat Race

Part 2: The 60s (1964-1966)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1964 and 1966, one can see amongst other things:

No. 40 from 9/30/1964: Farewell to Otto Grotewohl, "Täve" Schur Ends Career
No. 42 from 10/14/1964: 15th Anniversary of the GDR, DEFA Films in Zanzibar, Curling
No. 45 from 11/4/1964: Pass Agreement - Citizens of  West Berlin in the GDR Capitol

No. 11 from 3/10/1965: 800 Years of Leipzig - 800 Year Fair, Handball
No. 42 from 10/13/1965: Guests from the Cosmos, Shots from "The Sons of the Great Bear"
No. 46 from 11/10/1965: Visiting with Heinrich Zille's Daughter, Modern Pentathlon

No. 22 from 5/22/1966: "Workers' Slap in the Face" for Lübke, Atomic Energy in the GDR Integrated Network
No. 34 from 8/17/1966: 8/13/1966 = 5 Years After the Construction of the Wall = Peacekeeping Manifesto!
No. 38 from 9/14/1966: 8 Gold Medals: European Track and Field Championship
No. 51 from 12/14/1966: Hanoi - Berlin, Ice Hockey, Interesting Facts about Festival Day Roasts

Part 3: The 60s (1967-1969)

In a selection of individual "Eyewitnesses" from the years 1967 and 1969, one can see amongst other things:

No. 10 from 3/1/1967: Around Alexanderplatz: the Center of the Capitol Emerges
No. 18 from 5/10/1967: 7th SED Party Congress, Consumer Goods with a Kick, 5,000 Hens in the Coop
No. 25 from 6/28/1967: Bloody Friday in West Berlin: the Murder of Benno Ohnesorg, Model Railway
No. 32 from 8/9/1967: New Mühlendamm Bridge, Construction on Alexanderplatz, Jack Kramer Looks for New Blood in Tennis

No. 17 from 4/17/1968: Dr. Martin Luther King Assassinated, European Boxing Cup
No. 32 from 7/31/1968: Youth Fashion, Jenapharm, Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler
No. 44 from 10/23/1968: Mexico City: Summer Olympic Games Report

No. 9 from 2/19/1969: Gabriele Seyfert is Victorious in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
No. 42 from 10/8/1969: 20th Anniversary of the GDR
No. 53 from 12/24/1969: Television Cook Kurt Drummer, a Look into the Apartments of Tomorrow

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