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Auf der Sonnenseite (On the Sunny Side)

1962, b/w, 97 min. Feature
Dir.: Ralf Kirsten
Script: Heinz Kahlau, Gisela Steineckert, Ralf Kirsten
Camera: Hans Heinrich
Music: André Asriel
Cast: Manfred Krug, Marita Böhme, Heinz Schubert, Fred Mahr
VHS-NTSC, no subtitles:


The story of the steel smelter, Martin Hoff, whose factory sends him to a drama school, corresponds to the real life of the actor, Manfred Krug. Like his character, Krug worked as a steel smelter, did artwork, sang and acted, and was sent to drama school. Like his character, due to unruly and conspicuous behavior, Krug was soon expelled from school. From this point on, the biographies of Krug and Martin Hoff part ways. At the farewell party from the school Hoff meets a young woman. She fascinates him completely, especially because she does not immediately give in to his bold charm but simply gives him the cold-shoulder. He simply cannot take this treatment, especially after he makes a bet with some friends. He sets out to look for the unknown woman and actually manages to find her on a construction site. To his amazement, she turns out to be the architect in charge, Ottilie Zinn. Martin has to go to great lengths to get Ottilie's attention. His work is exemplary and he shows off his artistic talents. Finally, he succeeds in winning over the woman he admires. He is also delegated to drama school once again.

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