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Addio, Piccola Mia (Addio, Piccola Mia)

1979, color, 127 min. Feature
Dir.: Lothar Warneke
Script: Lothar Warneke
Camera: Claus Neumann
Music: Bach, Mozart
Cast: Hilmar Eichhorn, Wolfgang Arnst, Trude Bechmann, Hans Bergermann, Lydia Billiet, Ralph Borgwardt, Ute Lubosch, Jörg Foth, Michael Gwisdek, Lars Jung
16mm, no subtitles - renting information
VHS-PAL, no subtitles - renting information


In 1833, the medical student and poet Georg Büchner leaves his lover Louise behind in Strasbourg and returns to his Hessian homeland.  There he becomes acquainted with a clergyman named Ludwig Weidig, who is the head of a revolutionary conspiracy.  They found the Society for Human Rights, writing the "Hessian National Messenger," a document of the Enlightenment for the masses, whom they wish to incorporate into their activities.  His friend Minnigerode and Weidig are then arrested, while the correspondingly fugitive Büchner flees to Louise in Strasbourg, where he finishes "Danton's Death."  But he still does not feel safe in Strasbourg and therefore goes to Zürich.  Büchner writes "Woyzeck," works as an academic and, on the 21st of February in 1837, perishes from typhoid fever at the age of 23.

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