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Die Achillesferse (Achilles Heel)

1978, color, 91 min., Feature
Dir.: Rolf Losansky
Script: Rolf Losansky
Camera: Helmut Grewald
Music: Gruppe Express
Cast: Heidrun Welskop, Erwin Berner, Dieter Franke, Jessy Rameik, Jürgen Reuter, Manfred Karge
16mm, no subtitles - renting information


Seventeen-year-old Susanne is a gymnast and has a chance at making the national team.  But of all things, she now has problems at training.  She cannot do the new dismount from the uneven bars.  At the same time, she runs into other conflicts:  in school, her performance dwindles.  Her ambitious mother, who is used to her daughter's success, cannot seem to muster the necessary understanding of the situation.  The father, divorced from Susanne's mother and constantly traveling, is rarely there for her.  Her boyfriend Michael, with whom she experienced her "first love," soon has to enlist in the military and feels neglected because Susanne has too little time for him.  Her coach, however, shows understanding, stands up for her in the midst of her conflicts, with which she eventually copes, and thus sets herself up for success once again in her sport.

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