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1-2-3 Corona

1948, b/w, 83 min. Feature
Dir.: Hans Müller
Script: A. Arthur Kuhnert
Camera: Robert Baberske
Music: Hans Otto Borgmann
Cast: Eva-Ingeborg Scholz, Lutz Moik, Piet Clausen, Ralph Siewert, Horst Gentzen, Hans-Edgar Stecher, Hans Leibelt, et al.
VHS-PAL, no subtitles
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Amidst the ruins of a German city in 1945, a wandering circus sets up shop on a construction site. Living in immediate proximity are a group of deracinated boys, who deal in black market goods. The leaders of the two rival gangs are named Gerhard and Dietrich. They combine forces against the director of the circus when they discover his abuse of the pretty performer Corona. During their act of revenge against him, the girl meets with an accident. With the help of a doctor, they nurse her back to health and rehearse a performance for her. The guest of honor is Barlay the circus director.  He humors the convalescent Corona and also gives the boys a chance.  Later, they become world famous as the "3 Coronas."

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