Reporting Options

Reporting Options

The Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office can assist students in connecting with campus resources, changing class schedule, moving to a different residence hall, talking with professors, withdrawing from classes etc, as related to sexual and relationship violence. Students do not have to file a formal complaint under the student code of conduct to request these resources. The Office provides investigative and disciplinary processes for incidents of student against student sexual violence/harassment, relationship violence and stalking, in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.

227 Whitmore Administration Building
Phone: (413) 545-2684


The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D)

The Executive Director, Débora D. Ferreira, for the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D), is the Title IX Coordinator for the University. Matters dealing with Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence and Stalking can be reported to EO&D. In accordance with the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures, EO&D provides both formal and informal means of resolving sexual harassment, (including sexual violence) complaints, which are either between employees or a student filing against an employee. Cases in which a student files against another student are handled through the Dean of Students Office. 

243 Lederle GRC Lowrise
740 North Pleasant Street
Phone: (413) 545-3464


Confidential Resources & Support

The Center for Women and Community (CWC)

The Center for Women and Community is a free CONFIDENTIAL resource for people of all gender identities and expressions. The Center provides free, confidential crisis services, counseling and support groups for victim/survivors of sexual and relationship violence and stalking including 24/7 phone support, peer counseling, and assistance with: connecting with campus offices including the Dean of Students Office to request assistance and/or to use the student conduct process, talking to the police, courts, getting health care or going to the hospital. Services are also available to community members, Five College students, staff and faculty.

New Africa House
Phone: (413) 545-0883

24 Hour Sexual Assault Crisis and Information Hotline: (413) 545-0800 TTY: (413) 577-0940


Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH)

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Health  provides CONFIDENTIAL supportive mental health services to survivors of sexual violence and harassment, as well as general mental health concerns. Services include: crisis intervention; short-term therapy for individuals, couples and families; support and therapy groups; behavioral medicine; psychiatric services; an eating disorders clinic; assessments for attention deficit/hyperactivity and learning disabilities; suicide prevention training; consultation and education; and assistance and advocacy connecting community with campus offices including the Dean of Students Office. 

127 Hills North
Phone: (413) 545-2337


University Health Services (UHS)

UHS is a designated SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) site, providing CONFIDENTIAL, free, compassionate services for male, female, and transgender survivors. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health specially trains, certifies, and supports registered nurses and physicians to provide quality care and forensic evidence collection to sexual assault survivors.

150 Infirmary Way
Phone: (413) 577-5000


UMass Amherst Police Department (UMPD)

The UMass Police Department serves as a CONFIDENTIAL resource for reporting and criminal investigation of incidents of sexual violence/harassment, relationship violence and stalking. Additionally, the UMass Police Department provides prevention services such as Rape Aggression Defense courses, a night time escort service and other awareness raising and preventative information.

Individuals are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct to campus or local law enforcement officials. The UMass Police Department has officers who are specially trained to work with individuals reporting sexual misconduct. Upon request, University officials (including individuals from the Dean of Students Office, CWC, CCPH, UHS, or EO&D) are available to assist an individual in contacting and/or notifying the police. Individuals also have the right to decline to report incidents to law enforcement.

Students may be accountable to both civil authorities and to the University for acts which constitute violations of law and of the CSC. Disciplinary action at the University will normally proceed during the pendency of criminal proceedings and will not be subject to challenge on the ground that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced. 

585 East Pleasant Street
Emergency Phone: 911
Non-emergency phone: (413) 545-2121