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Code of Student Conduct

The University of Massachusetts is a scholarly community united by its engagement in the exchange of ideas and the advancement of knowledge.

Learning also involves reflecting on decisions and improving decision-making skills. By establishing expectations for the community, the Code of Student Conduct (CSC) serves as an integral part of the University's educational mission. The CSC describes principles for living and acting responsibly in a community setting, with respect for the rights of all members of that community, and for their property, common resources, and values. The purpose is to reinforce and encourage the development of good decision-making and personal integrity and to teach these skills where they are lacking.

It is the University's goal that as students make their way through any aspect of the conduct process, they will leave that process as better educated students, better members of the University community, and better global citizens.


2014-2015 Code of Student Conduct

2014-2015 Residential Life Community Standards


In addition to support from the Dean of Students Office, the following are other campus resources that are available to assist and support you:

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2013-2014 Residence Hall Community Standards

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2012-2013 Residence Hall Community Standards