Clearances for Alumni / Former Students

Dear Alumni and Former Students,

The Dean of Students Office has digitized the Clearance Process to offer you more control and oversight of your important request. By submitting your request via SPIRE you will receive prompt notification of when the Dean of Students Office receives your request. Additionally, you will have the ability to monitor the status of your request and you will have the option of being alerted as soon as the your request has been processed.

So let’s get you started with using SPIRE again!

If you don’t know your SPIRE ID or Password, use these instructions to retrieve your credentials. Once you have your ID and Password, please follow the guidelines for submitting a request outlined on our SPIRE Users page.

If you have any questions with obtaining the “Essentials to Logon to SPIRE” don’t hesitate to email or call IT Help Center at 413-545-9400.