About the Dean of Students Office

Mission Statement

The Dean of Students Office has a strong commitment to fostering student development, particularly in the acquisition of personal values, which create a respect for individual difference, cultural diversity and equal opportunity. The staff strives to meet the varied needs of all students through advocacy program support, advising, and general counseling.

We pride ourselves on being an office where upon contact students and families will have an answer to their question, a solution to their problem, or an effective referral to the office or professional who can answer their question. 

Programs and Services

The Dean of Students Office provides students with the support, resources, and referrals they need to succeed at the University.

Our services include:

  • Serving as a single point of contact within the University for students and their families in time of crisis
  • Consultation and referrals for students contemplating withdrawal from, or re-enrollment at, the University
  • Implementing and monitoring the University Conduct Process
  • Providing short-term loans for students
  • Supporting students through the Massachusetts Residency Reclassification process
  • Overseeing Off Campus Student Life, the University's HelpLine, and the Student Services Committee

In addition, our staff is available to answer general questions, advocate on behalf of students, and connect students and their families to campus resources.