WOCLN Dorm Dialogues

Here you will find a list of some of the topics we have been addressing through Dorm Dialogues. If you would like to have a Dorm Dialogue come to your residence hall, please contact us. Also, feel free to suggest a different topic or a combination of topics you think will be more suitable and interesting for your group to talk about.

  • Public Health: What Is It?
  • College Survival Guide: Healthy Living in College
  • Are My Friends Right For Me? :A Discussion on the relationships that influence us
  • Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Living Communities
  • “When Keeping It Real” Goes Wrong: Honesty with Friends and Lovers
  • “Till Death Do Us Part”: A Conversation on Domestic and Relationship Violence
  •  Taking Charge: Media Representations and Body Image
  • How to Ally: Shifting to Action
  • The Importance and Challenges of Communication: Resolving Conflict; Technology; Intimacy
  • Understanding Privilege: How Does It Affect Us? What Leads to Privilege? How Do We Relate To One Another?
  • Hook-up Culture: A Turn On or Turn Off?
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Racial, Gender, and Sexual Stereotypes in a Rape Culture
  • That’s Messed Up! Intervening When It’s Not Right (an approach to the Bystander Intervention Model to interrupt oppressive behaviors)
  •  “Where Do I Belong?” Identities and Social Locations
  •  Self Love and Self Care