Support Groups

We offer numerous support groups in a safe and confidential environment. Below is a listing of the types of groups we offer throughout the year.  If we are not offer the group you are looking for, our trained staff can assist you in locating groups in the area or you can search our database to locate them. We also use your requests to determine which groups we will offer, so please do call us if there is a group you would like to attend that isn't listed here.  Please call us at (413) 545-0883 for more information or to register.

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Our Empowerment Based Support Groups


Mindfulness and Mood: Empowerment Skills for Women

Drop of WaterRuled by anxiety, mood or emotions?  Gain Skills that will help you to reduce anxiety, improve mood and relationships, relax your body and quiet your mind and gain greater emotional balance. This five session group will focus on the unique stresses facing women and will offer skills for women to manage anxiety, mood and emotions and to empower women in their everyday lives. Join us in a safe and supportive space!  Free of charge and open to women from UMass, Five Colleges and the surrounding community. Registration and pre-group meeting required.

Women in Academia: Surviving the Dissertation

Women in academia frequently feel isolated when confronting the hurdles that can interfere with the successful completion of the dissertation and transitioning into early career professionals. This group will provide a space for women to build a supportive network and to discuss issues that are particular to women in various stages of the dissertation process. Meetings will open dialogue around multiple aspects of personal identity (e.g., race, class, orientation, ability, etc) that intersect with gender during this process and aim to help women in academia find and use their voice. Members will also use the group to identify tangible weekly goals, to share their victories, and to discuss personal challenges with group support and feedback.

Supporting New and Expectant Moms/Parents

This is a six-session series of workshops/support designed to offer parents (UMass grad students and their partners), a space to explore topics connected to pregnancy and parenting.  Childcare provided.  Open to North Village residents only.

Love the Body You're In

Free, supportive group about building a more compassionate relationship with one's body.  Ideal for those who struggle with body-image and/or eating issues.  People of all gender-identities welcome.

International Women's Discussion Group

Co-sponsors: North Village
Open To: Umass International Women
Free discussion group for international women. Creating a safe space for women to support and build community and connect to community resources.

Baby Steps Nurturing Your Baby Parent Group

Co-sponsors: Hilltown Family Center
Open To (mention audience): Parents and families in the Hilltowns with babies 0-1
A drop-in group for parents and families in the Hilltowns with children 0-1 years old. Older siblings welcome.

Our Healing Support Groups for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Explore Emotion Through Embodied Movement and Art

Survivors are supported to feel emotion in their physical bodies through embodied creative movement.  Art as a tool to transition emotion is taught as a creative outlet and a coping strategy.  Art journals are used as a tool to document this journey of healing.  No art experience required.

Explore Your Story Through Writing

hands together Sexual and relationship violence survivors are supported to explore their personal stories through writing. You'll write in response to prompts that evoke soul searching. Movement as a tool to transition emotion is taught as a way to relieve stress and a coping strategy. Some examples of movement will be trauma aware yoga, walking meditations, and dancing. The movements are accessible for all ranges of abilities. No writing experience required.

Support Connect Heal: Healing for Survivors of Sexual Violence

This group is intended for survivors seeking to cope, connect, and heal with other survivors. With a focus on coping, group discussions will include topics such as shame, self-blame, relationships, breaking silence, anger, loss, self-worth and empowerment. This group will provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for survivors to share their experiences. Open to all survivors of rape, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse, regardless of gender, age, race, ability, sexuality, or religion. Each participant will come in for a brief interview with the group facilitators before the start of group.

Expression Through Movement & Art

Survivors of sexual violence sometimes feel numb in their physical bodies. We support survivors role-playing the feelings through creative movement. Through movement we tap into the power of muscle memory, to embody an emotion that may be difficult for a survivor of rape and/or child sexual abuse. Once we feel the emotion in our bodies, we encourage a transition to release by creating art. Art journals are a powerful tool to document your own journey of healing. This group is open to all female identified survivors of rape, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse, regardless of age, race, ability, sexuality, or religion. Each participant will come in for a brief interview the group facilitators before the start of group.

Teen Support Groups

Currently offering support groups in the following High School : Easthampton, Northampton and Gateway Regional
Specialized Teen Services facilitates spaces where students can safely explore the topics of relationships, intimacy, family issues, life stressors, and more in a small supportive group setting. Some groups offered include:
Psycho-educational support groups for teens to discuss topics relating to relationship violence.
Prevention focused support group for teens to explore and discuss issues such as boundaries, healthy relationships consent, recognizing abuse and date expectations.