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Hopkins Academy Gender Equity Task Force makes $371 donation to CWC Specialized Teen Services

Hopkins Academy Gender Equity Task Force began in spring 2017 to help students address issues of sexism in the community and develop an action plan to make our community a safer and more equitable space. It is a student driven task force which is essential to the school's belief that students need to learn how to lead, organize and make changes in society.

Top 10 Safest College Campuses

UMass Fine Arts CenterUMass Amherst has been named the No. 9 safest campus in the country by College magazine. “The Community Education Program of CWC provides in person, evidence based training and prevention education on campus to over 1,500 campus members annually,” says Becky Lockwood, one of the center's Associate Directors (College magazine, 12/18/17).  Read More