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Micro Grants 2007 - 2008

These projects are intended as examples of previously funded grant activity, and applicants are encouraged to creatively develop Mutual Mentoring projects that address their unique circumstances, challenges, and cultural “norms.”

Harry Bermudez, Assistant Professor of Polymer Science & Engineering
Dr. Bermudez participated in a biophysics/biomaterials international workshop held at the Universidad Autonoma de Sonora in Mexico. Through this visit, he was able to identify potential research collaborators and build an international network of mentoring partners within the biomaterials field.

Ana L. Caicedo, Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Caicedo visited the laboratory of her mentoring partner at Texas A&M University to learn more about lab techniques that she will use in a future field study. While visiting her mentoring partner, Dr. Caicedo also developed contacts with the Department of Horticultural Sciences and Institute of Plant Genomics and Biotechnology at Texas A&M.

Jeungok Choi, Assistant Professor of Nursing
Due to the increasing use of online/distance courses in nursing education, Dr. Choi worked on developing a new model for web-based mentoring of NP (Nurse Practitioner) Ph.D. students. Dr. Choi met regularly with a team of on-campus faculty mentoring partners, and hopes to develop future papers and articles about their work.

Jane Degenhardt & Asha Nadkarni, Assistant Professors of English
Drs. Degenhardt and Nadkarni used their grant to establish a peer writing group to work on their respective book manuscripts and book proposals. They met twice monthly to track their writing progress and worked with professional writing coaches and editors over the course of the year.

Peter A. Graham, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Graham wrote two papers and commented on a third at this year’s Eastern Division Meeting of the APA, all focusing on the work of David Lewis. To aid him in this project, Dr. Graham met regularly with his department chair and two other mentors. He used his grant to offset the costs of books, meetings, and APA conference fees.

Aline C. Gubrium, Assistant Professor of Public Health
Dr. Gubrium worked closely with an external mentor at the City University of New York to develop a workshop centered on youth participatory action research. Dr. Gubrium used her grant to meet with her mentoring partner in New York, discuss methodologies, and start planning a workshop to be held either in Amherst or New York.

Shona Macdonald, Assistant Professor of Art, Architecture and Art History
Dr. Macdonald invited an external mentor (a leading artist, critic, writer, curator, and professor) to UMass Amherst as a visiting artist. During this visit, her mentor gave a talk on his studio practice and career development, met with junior and senior faculty, and talked with MFA graduate candidates within the department.

Lisa S. Scott, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Scott visited the lab of an external mentor at the University of Rochester to gain more experience with a specific type of infant eye-tracking methodology, as well as tracking equipment. Her goal is to receive a federal grant to support her research using this particular methodology.

Shawn Shimpach, Assistant Professor of Communication
Dr. Shimpach worked closely with his mentoring partner, a professional writing coach and editor, to prepare journal articles (focusing on the result of new global economics on television programming) for submission to peer reviewed scholarly journals. He and his mentoring partner met regularly to discuss his writing process and progress.

Nathanial A. Whitmal, III, Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders
Dr. Whitmal organized a mentoring group consisting of junior and senior faculty (both in and outside of his department) to work on a federal research grant. Dr. Whitmal attended a grant proposal workshop (as part of a national conference) and brought back grant writing ideas and feedback to his mentoring group.


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