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Professor Rudman


CTEP faculty are talented educators who have dedicated their professional lives to teaching, research, and service.  With a wide and impressive range of interests and expertise, CTEP faculty teach courses and serve as academic advisors.

Several faculty have gained important teaching recognition at the College and University levels. In addition, their research agendas extend from local and regional spheres of influence to national and international arenas. 

CTEP is honored to work with outstanding public school teachers and administrators. Many highly committed classroom teachers provide our student interns with invaluable modeling and mentorship within their field placements. Working in partnership with CTEP, they are dedicated to shaping the next generation of educators.


CTEP Coordinator

Porfessor Ray Sharick


Raymond Sharick,
Ed.D., Lecturer, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Interests:
Teacher education; Teacher recruitment, Social Justice

Phone: 413-545-8302
E-Mail: rsharick@educ.umass.edu



CTEP Faculty

Maria Botelho

Maria José Botelho, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Interests: Critical literacies; the possibilities and challenges of multiliteracies pedagogies; critical multicultural analysis of children’s and young adult literature; critical collaborative inquiry; rethinking school literacy practices.

Phone: 413-545-1110
E-Mail: mbotelho@educ.umass.edu


Kathleen S. Davis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

Professional Interests: Gender Issues in Science and Science Education; Elementary Science Teacher Education; Integrating Technology in Elementary Teacher Education; Curricular Reform in Science Education.

Phone: 413-577-2317
E-Mail: kdavis@educ.umass.edu

Professor Darrell Earnest

Darrell Earnest, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of University of California, Berkeley

Professional Interests:
Elementary mathematics education; teacher education and professional development; cognitive development; curriculum design; mathematical representations; sociocultural theories of learning

Phone: 413-545-2403
E-Mail: dearnest@educ.umass.edu


Portia C. Elliott, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Interests:
Mathematics Education; Mathematics Anxiety; Teacher Development; Whole Brain Learning; Assessment in Mathematics; Parent Involvement in Student Learning.

Phone: 413-545-3421
E-Mail: pelliott@educ.umass.edu

Professor Galman


Sally Galman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

Professional Interests:
Representation of research findings in mixed-method and qualitative studies; Arts-as-method in qualitative research; Construction of teachers' identity and the role of feminine gender norms in pre-service teachers' developing identities.

Phone: 413-545-4247
E-Mail: sally@educ.umass.edu

Professor Claire Hamilton


Claire E. Hamilton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of California at Los Angeles

Professional Interests:
Applied Developmental Psychology; Children's Relationships with Parents, Peers, and Teachers; Early Care and Learning; Early Childhood Education; Emergent Literacy; Social and Policy Contexts of Early Learning

Phone: 413-545-0007
E-Mail: cehamilt@educ.umass.edu

Professor Clement Seldin

Clement A. Seldin, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus; University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Interests:
Pre-Service Teacher Education; Social Foundations of Education; Progressivism, Equality of Educational Opportunity, and Academic Portfolios in Higher Education.

Phone: 413-545-4707
E-Mail: caseldin@educ.umass.edu