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for ctep students

Calendar for 2015-2016

Summer Session

July 13 - August 11

Educ. 592L & Educ 615AK - Online Components

August 12 - August 21

Educ 592L & Educ 615AK Face-to-Face Class Meetings; Fall Semester Orientation will also be held during this time.

Fall Semester

August 24

Some students will be starting in their public school placements (Pre-Practicum) this week, depending upon the School District's calendar.

September 8

First day of classes at UMass Amherst

October 12

Holiday, Columbus Day (UMass & Public Schools)

October 13 (Tuesday)
Monday Classes will be followed at UMass
November 11 (Wednesday)
Holiday, Veterans' Day (UMass & Public Schools)
November 26-27
Holiday, Thanksgiving (UMass & Public Schools)
December 11 Last Day of UMass Classes

Spring Semester

January 4

First Day - Practicum in Public Schools (UMass classes begin January 19th)

February 15-19

Public School Vacation - CTEP Students continue UMass coursework

March 14-18

UMass Spring Break - CTEP students continue Practicum in Schools (No UMASS classes)

April 18-22
Public School - Spring Vacation & CTEP Vacation
April 29 (a Friday)
Final Day of Practicum
May 6
Graduate Commencement!

Three Master's Forms

M-1 Form

Must be completed by the end of September

M-2 Form

Grades from the fall semester must be entered
Must be completed by end of February

Eligibility Form

Must be completed and submitted with the M-2

Four Licensure Forms

Form 1- Program Admission and Enrollment Form

Purpose – Starts your folder at the Educator Licensure Office
Due Date
– Orientation
Additional Notes
- MTEL scores are attached electronically

Form 2 – Off-Line Course Registration Form

Purpose – Clarifies information about field experiences
Due Dates – Start of fall semester & start of spring semester
Additional Notes – Form 2 must be completed for EACH field experience
Any additional MTEL scores must be attached

Form 3 – Preservice Performance Assessment (PPA) for Practicum

Purpose – Documents PPA completion
Due Dates - End of the spring field experience

Additional Notes – Needs to be initialed and dated at 3-Way Meetings

Form 4 –Licensure Program Completion Form

Purpose – Documents that the program was successfully completed
Due Date – By May 15

Faculty Advisor Role

  • Discuss student goals and career plans
  • Reflect on students' life experiences leading to CTEP and the teaching profession
  • Analyze specific issues students may encounter during the program
  • Share challenges and rewards on an informal basis

NOTE: Your faculty advisor is not the person to consult if you have questions about licensure or concerns about specific courses, assignments, or instructors. 
Licensure questions - consult CTEP office or Educator Licensure Office, Furcolo 130. Course concerns - consult with the course instructor

Important Resources