SDRP Topics of Study

Definition and Description

What rules and principles govern the sentence structure, sound system, and meaning and pragmatics in AAE?

To what extent is AAE really different from other dialects of English spoken in the U.S.?


What patterns are most likely to be consistent across regions in AAE?

What are some regional differences in varieties of AAE?

To what extent is this variation related to identity?

Representation in Literature and Meaning

Are some ‘features’ used more often than others to represent blackness in literature and the media?

To what extent is AAE distinguished from language used in some elements of popular culture?

Developmental Patterns

When do patterns of AAE appear in language of children growing up in AAE-speaking communities?

What are some characteristics of stages of development of AAE?

To what extent are these patterns an issue in early years, such as kindergarten through third grade?

When does children’s language begin to reflect the type of variation found in adult AAE?