Summer Dialect Research Project (SDRP)

The Summer Dialect Research Project (SDRP) is one of the programs of the CSAAL. The goal of the SDRP is to provide research experiences in linguistics for undergraduates with interest in language-related disciplines and to increase the number of students, particularly those from underrepresented minority groups, who conduct graduate research in these areas.

The focus is on the description of patterns in African American English (AAE). In addition to taking courses on the linguistic description of AAE, participants will gain research experience by exploring current issues in the study of AAE. The focus will be on methods for describing patterns in the use of AAE and analyzing data. Research will be conducted in laboratory settings on databases of adult and child AAE language samples. The descriptions of the data will characterize the differences between AAE and mainstream English. The linguistic description based on this research will be shown to have practical application in fields such as education and communication sciences.

The next SDRP session will be in June 2011.

SDRP 2009 Participants

Gia Barden, Tennessee State University
Melissa Boone, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael Church, University of South Florida
Carly Dragan, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Catherine Fontenot, Louisiana State University
Jasmia Fowler, Howard University
Joy Fuller, University of North Texas
Samara Pearson, Howard University
Traci Reid, North Carolina A&T
Tamika Reynold, Emerson College
Rachel Steindel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Krista Williams, University of Pittsburgh
Denise Wilkins, Smith College