Dominic Poccia

Professor of Biology, Amherst College

D. Poccia Biology Dept Website

Ph.D.: Harvard University
Postdoctoral Training: University of California at Berkeley
Honors: Assistant Editor of the Journal of Experimental Zoology and The Journal of Molecular Reproduction and Development

Activation of Sperm Nuclei at Fertilization

During maturation of most animal sperm cells, sperm-specific nuclear proteins replace somatic histones, DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, and cell division cease, and the chromatin becomes highly compacted in preparation for the sperm cell’s journey to the egg. After fertilization, the dormant sperm nucleus must become activated in order to participate in normal cellular events such as replication, transcription, and mitosis. The deactivation of the male germ cell nucleus during spermatogenesis and its reactivation following fertilization can serve as model systems for the study of gene activity, replication, chromatin and nuclear envelope assembly, and higher order chromatin structure.

We use in vitro cultures of sea urchin testis fragments, polyspermically fertilized eggs, microinjection, and cell-free systems to study at the biochemical level transitions in nuclear composition, architecture, and activity during spermatogenesis and fertilization. Using techniques such as gel electrophoresis, in situ hybridization, fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, organ culture, and subcellular fractionation, we are attempting to understand the molecular basis of sperm nuclear differentiation and male pronuclear formation.

Representative publications:

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