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Research Goals

The programmatic strengths of the Cranberry Station are focused on the cranberry crop system, its ecology and its interface with the environment. We can separate these programs into two areas: systems ecology and environmental interactions. Our programs emphasize a multidisciplinary team approach to research and the importance of the transfer of information from our research programs to cranberry growers and the community at large.

Systems ecology-

This program includes pest behavior, distribution, and interaction with the crop. Specific research programs within this group include:

  • epidemiology of diseases
  • insect behavior
  • basic biology of cranberry as related to input needs and timing
  • plant invasiveness
  • biological control
  • cultural management manipulations
  • comparison of native communities with that of managed communities

Environmental Interactions-

This area of emphasis includes interaction between the crop system and the environment from two points of view -- effect of the crop system on the surrounding environment and the effect of the environment on the crop system:

Effect of environment on crop system

  • weather and water availability
  • efficiency of water use issues (competition for water resources)
  • environmental stress physiology
  • nutrition management

Effect of crop system on environment

  • minimization of environmental impact
  • reduced risk pesticides
  • water quality - watershed issues
  • nutrition management



Cranberry Station Research

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