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Research Programs Overview

Research is at the heart of all endeavors at the Cranberry Station, fueling our ability to provide excellent, science-based information to cranberry growers. Station scientists are leaders in the cranberry research community and in their academic disciplines. Follow the link below to our individual programs and see below for highlights of our programs.

  • Our faculty and staff have active grants totaling more than $2 million, including grants from MA-DEP, EPA, USDA, Cranberry grower organizations, and the Center for Agriculture.

  • Dr. Carolyn DeMoranville's research program is focused on plant nutrient management. Her research goals are to quantify budgets for nitrogen and phosphorus use in cranberry production and to identify ways to increase efficiency of nutrient use and minimize nutrient impacts on water quality.

  • Dr. Hilary Sandler was recently awarded two grants from EPA to continue her research into integrated weed management, with this current effort focusing on the use of hand-held flame cultivation to control woody perennial weeds and the parasitic plant, dodder.

  • Dr. Erika Saalau-Rojas has recently joined our staff as Plant Pathologist.

  • Dr. Casey Kennedy, a USDA-ARS hydrologist, conducts research on the water and nutrient management of cranberry farms. His broader research interests include water quality, isotope hydrology, groundwater-surface water interaction, and subsurface drainage management.

  • Geoffrey Njue, is the Extension Educator as a Green Industry Sustainability Specialist.



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