UMass Cranberry Station

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Dr. Hilary Sandler Hilary Sandler

Extension Assistant Professor - Integrated Pest Management
State IPM Coordinator
UMass Extension Landscape and Agriculture Program, Cranberry Team
Affiliation: Adjunct Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Graduate faculty member


Ph.D. Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2004.
M.S. Plant Science, University of Delaware, 1983.
B.A. Biology/Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 1981

Research and Extension Projects

  • Factors that influence the dynamics of crop and weed ecology within the cranberry production system.
  • Development and implementation of nonchemical pest management, especially weeds.
  • Investigations on the vine establishment, weed colonization, and fertilizer management.
  • Effect of hand-held flame cultivation on perennial weeds and dodder.
  • Evaluation of new products for pest management.
  • Extension responsibilities include providing information to cranberry growers.

Selected Publications

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