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Fact Sheets / Books

Printed material
Hard copies are free if you pick them up at the Cranberry Station.  If mailed, the listed prices apply.

Title Price
Southern red mite (2 pp) $1.25
Confusing spring caterpillars (6 pp) $1.25
Frost management guide (8 pp) $1.25
Fairy ring disease (2 pp) $1.25
Phytophthora root rot (2 pp) $1.25
Upright dieback (2 pp) $1.25
Field guide to common weeds in southeastern MA (book with photos) $2.00
Illustrated guide to weeds in southern New England $2.00
Cranberry Chart Book (free to MA residents; $5 additional to others) $5.00
Cranberry Production Guide (2008) $5.00
Best management practices guide for MA cranberry production (newer version available for free download starting July 2010) $5.00
Online Material Price
Reducing Costs in Cranberry Management (2014) Free
Reducing management costs in cranberry production (2001) Free
Planting new cranberry beds (2001) Free
Cranberry irrigation management (2004) Free
Constructing water level floats Free
Cranberry water use (2001) Free
Backpack Spray Calibration Fact Sheet (2015) Free
Dewberries and brambles (2001) Free
Dodder (2001) Free
Poverty Grass (2015) Free
Weed mapping as part of cranberry IPM Free
Pesticide Compatibility Chart (2012) Free
Vine Dieback (2014) Free
Cranberry Insects of the Northeast Free
Scale Insects (updated June 2014) Free
Managing resistant Sparganothis fruitworm (2013) Free
Cranberry fruitworm (2011) Free
Cranberry weevil (1999) Free
Black-headed fireworm (2005) Free
Winter Moth Update (2014) Free
Pollination and Conserving Bee Habitat (2011) Free
Homeowners Fact Sheet, a guide to planting small areas of cranberries around your house (2010) Free
The following articles are available on UMass Scholarworks: Price
Phosphorus for bearing cranberries in North America Free
Nitrogen for bearing cranberries in North America Free
Cranberry tissue testing for producing beds in North America Free
Other non-UMass materials of interest Price
USDA Risk Management Agency, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance policy info, click here Free
Managing Alternative Pollinators (SARE publ.) is available for free download for or hard copy at ($23.50 +s/h) as listed
These guides are available in PDF format. If you don't have PDF reader software, you can download it from Adobe by clicking on the icon below.
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