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Current News


Employment Opportunity: Cranberry Station Farm and Grounds Manager (R35360). Please click here for further information.

• The current Newsletter dated November 1st is now available. It includes info on our annual winter meeting. See below.

• The final signup date for a Multi-Peril Crop Insurance policy for cranberries is November 20th, 2014. Cranberry growers are encouraged to check with their crop insurance agent for more information. For more information, please click here.

• The October 2014 Weather is now available.


• The annual Cranberry Management Update Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel, Plymouth Harbor. Registration info is available here and in our November newsletter (link above).

• Don't forget, University policy states that you must renew your subscription EACH YEAR. Sign up here.

• Due to campus policy, the Station will be closed on the following dates: Tuesday Dec. 30th, Wednesday Dec. 31st, and Thursday Jan. 1st.
We will be open with limited staff on Friday November 28th, December 24th, 26th and 29th, and Friday January 2nd.


• The Cranberry Station is pleased to announce that Dr. Erika Saalau-Rojas has joined our staff as Plant Pathologist. Please see the Plant Pathology page for more information.

• The publication "Pollination and Conserving Bee Habitat" is now available for free online. Please click here to download it from our fact sheet page.

• New Fact sheet: Reducing Costs in Cranberry Management is available for download from our Publications list.

• Prices have been slashed on 100th items: t-shirts and polo shirts. Stop in to see what we have!

• A Cranberry Health Research Center was established at UMass Dartmouth. This endeavor is funded by the UMass President's Office Science and Technology Initiative. Learn more about the Center at their website: Click Here

• There are now three filmclips on YouTube about flame cultivators.

• Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Food Safety Manual now online by clicking here.

• In 2010, the Cranberry Station celebrated its 100th anniversary. Donations to the endowment are still being accepted.



cranberry harvest at Rocky Bog


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