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Calendar of Events

For more information on workshops and/or meetings: Contact Deb Cannon at 508.295.2212, ext. 10, unless otherwise noted.

The annual Cranberry Management Update Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel, Plymouth Harbor. Registration info is available here, and in our Nov. 2014 newsletter.

Pesticide Safety Training The next meeting will be held in April of 2015. Please check back here starting in December of 2014 for more info.

Worker Protection Training - The next training sessions here at the Station will be held in the spring of 2015. Please contact Marty Sylvia by email or at 508-295-2212 x 20 for more info.

Pesticide Training Workshop - This workshop, which is sponsored by Pesticide Education, UMass Extension, is designed to help individuals prepare for the pesticide applicator license exam. This workshop provides a review of the study manuals and is not intended to replace a thorough reading of the study manuals on your own. There are usually two sessions held here at the Station, in February and April. They have concluded at this location for 2014. For more information, or to register for workshops contact Natalia Clifton directly at 413-545-1044 or visit the following links:

Cranberry Beginners Workshop. Held periodically as needed. Usually 1/2 day in the spring.

Management Workshops. Held periodically during the summer for 1-2 hours. A contact hour may be offered depending on subject matter.

North American Cranberry Research and Extension Workers Conference. 3-day meeting held every other year. The next meeting is scheduled for the summer of 2015 in Oregon. Info will be available at a later date.

UMass Extension does offer Pesticide Recertification credit classes (contact hours) at various times and locations. Please click here for more information.

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