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Weather Summary 2015

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Historical Weather Information

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Year-End Summary


January started with heavy rain followed by very cold temperatures. Then we had a 20-day stretch of seasonable weather to be followed with a strong blizzard and very cold temperatures again. We had below-average temperatures and rainfall with above-average sunshine and almost double the average snowfall. The average temperature was 27.3 degrees, 1.7 degrees below normal and 0.4 degrees below January 2014. The maximum temperature was 54.5 degrees on January 4th. A minimum temperature of 0.5 degrees was recorded on the 8th. Daytime high temperatures averaged 35.3 degrees, 2.4 degrees below the norm. Evening temperatures averaged 19.0 degrees, 1.3 degrees below the norm. Daytime high temperatures were above 50 degrees or greater on 3 days. Evening temperatures were 32 degrees or below for all but 1 night. There were 4 nights with temperatures in the single digits.

Precipitation totaled 4.10 inches. This is 0.08 inches below normal. We had measurable precipitation on 13 days; 5 of those days had less than 0.10 inches. The largest 24-hour rainfall was 0.94 inches on the 4th. We had measurable snowfall of 0.10 inches or greater on 9 days, totaling 24.30 inches for the month, 12.30 inches above average. This is the 6th largest snowfall recorded here in East Wareham for January in the 62 years of snowfall recordings. The largest snowfall came during the 36-hour blizzard, on the 26th and 27th of January, with 21.0 inches of snow, high winds up to 75 mph and considerable drifting. So far this season we have recorded a total of 25.40 inches of snow. There was also 1 day with heavy fog this month.

Sunshine totaled 46% of the possible sunshine hours, 2 points above the normal. There were 9 days with no sunshine and 8 days with 90% or better sunshine. Total sunshine hours for January 2015 was 2 points lower than the sunshine hours recorded in January 2014.

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February was extremely cold and cloudy, with above normal precipitation. The temperatures averaged 19.6 degrees, 11.3 degrees below normal. This was the second coldest February in the 89 years of record keeping in East Wareham, surpassed only by February 1934 with an average temperature of 17.0 degrees. The maximum temperature was 39.0 degrees on the 22nd and a minimum temperature of -13.0 degrees was recorded on the 21st. Daytime high temperatures averaged 30.3 degrees, 9.2 degrees below the norm. Evening temperatures averaged 8.8 degrees, 13.5 degrees below the norm. The monthly average was 8.7 degrees colder than February 2014. All night time low temperatures were below 32 degrees; 1 night was 31 degrees, 4 nights in the 20's, 9 nights in the teens, 8 night in the single digits and 6 nights with minus zero temperatures.

Sunshine totaled 43% of the possible sunshine hours; 7 points below the norm and 11 points lower than February 2014. 8 days had 90% or better sunshine while 8 days had no sunshine data recorded at all. The sunshine hours are recorded at the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, MA.

Precipitation totaled 3.43 inches, 0.24 inches below the norm. We had measurable precipitation on 13 days of which 9 were 0.10 inches or greater. The largest 24-hour rainfall was 0.85 inches on the 22nd. There were 13 days with measurable snowfall totaling 40.3 inches, 31.6 inches above normal. This is a sets a new record for the highest monthly snowfall total for February, surpassing the past record of 31.0 inches in 1994. This is also the third years in a row with more than 22 inches of snowfall in February. The greatest snowfall for one storm came on the 14th and 15th with 15.0 inches during near blizzard conditions and strong winds. Year-to-date snowfall recorded in East Wareham is now 64.60 inches, 18.60 inches more than this time in 2014; the 2014-2015 season to date is 65.70 inches, 38.10 inches above the seasonal average. Snowfall records go back to 1952 in East Wareham. Also we can note that we have had 33 consecutive days with 10 plus inches of snow cover.


The official winter in East Wareham (Dec. 2014 - Feb. 2015) was cold, wet and snowy, with below average sunshine, much like the 2013-2014 winter season. The season temperatures averaged 28.7 degrees, 2.6 degrees below normal and 1.2 degrees cooler than 2014. The low mark was -13.0 degrees on Feb. 21st and the high mark was 67.0 degrees on Dec. 1st. The coldest daily high was 19.0 degrees on Jan. 6th and Feb. 20th. The total sunshine hours were 41%, 6 points below normal. Both December and February had well below average sunshine while January's sunshine was a little above the average. Precipitation totaled 13.50 inches, 1.22 inches above average. Snowfall totaled 64.60 inches, 37.0 inches above normal. December 2014 turned out to be much like December 2013, being the warmest month, with the highest rainfall, lowest snowfall and with very low sunshine. January had highest sunshine hours, February had the coldest temperatures, least rainfall and the highest snowfall for the winter season.

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Overall, the month of March had extremely low temperatures, with above-average rainfall, snowfall and sunshine. The temperatures averaged 31.5 degrees, 5.5 degrees per day below the average and about 2.1 degrees colder than March 2014. Maximum temperature was 59.9 degrees on the 11th and a minimum temperature of -5.0 degrees was recorded on the 1st. This -5.0 minimum temperature ties the earlier record low set in March 1948. Daytime high temperatures averaged 41.3 degrees, 4.4 degrees below the norm. Evening temperatures averaged 21.8 degrees, 6.6 degrees below the norm and 1.6 degrees below 2014. Winds can be a big factor in March, yet this year we only had 1 day with damaging winds and 2 days with fog.

Sunshine totaled 50% of the possible sunshine hours, 2 points above the norm. Sunshine data are from the Blue Hill Observatory. Year-to-date sunshine for 2015 is a little below the normal at this time of year.

Precipitation totaled 5.91 inches. This is 0.56 inches above normal. We had measurable precipitation of 0.10 inches or greater on 12 days. The largest 24-hour rainfall was 1.57 inches on the 27th. The monthly rainfall was spread out evenly over all four weeks of the month. We have received a total of 13.44 inches of precipitation year-to-date, totaling 0.34 inches above the average for East Wareham. We had 7 days with measurable snowfall during the month, totaling 20.3 inches, which is 11.6 inches above average. March 2015 will be recorded as the 4th snowiest March in our records here in East Wareham since 1953. The 20142015 winter season snowfall recorded in East Wareham is now at 86.0 inches, 49.9 inches above the seasonal average and 2nd highest snowfall total for a season in the 62 years of record keeping on snowfall here in East Wareham. I would also like to note that this winter season we had snow cover starting back on January 27 and lasting until March 28, for a total of 61 consecutive days, with the deepest snow cover being between 25 and 30 inches during the first week of March.

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April was cool, dry and sunny this year. The temperature averaged 46.4 degrees, 0.6 degrees above normal. The maximum temperature was 67.1 degrees on the 18th and a minimum temperature of 22.0 degrees was recorded on the 2nd. Daytime high temperatures averaged 54.6 degrees, 0.3 degrees below the norm. Evening low temperatures averaged 37.2 degrees, 0.4 degrees above the norm.

Sunshine totaled 51% of the possible sunshine hours, 2 points above the norm. We had 6 days with 90% or better sunshine and 13 days virtually no sunshine. We experienced heavy fog only on 1 day during the month of April.

Precipitation totaled 1.79 inches, which is 2.82 inches below normal. We had measurable precipitation on 11 days; 6 of those days had 0.10 inches or greater rainfall. The largest 24-hour rainfall was 0.35 inches on the 3rd. Year-to-date rainfall for 2015 stands at 15.23 inches; this is 2.66 inches below last year's total at this time and 2.58 inches below the normal average for this time of year. We did have 1 thunderstorm on the 21st.

We had 0.00 inches snowfall in April. This is 1.4 inches below average for the month and brings the 2014 2015 season at a total of 86.00 inches of snow. This is 27.10 inches more then the 2013-2014 season. In the 30 years from 1979 to 2010, we averaged 31.66 inches of snowfall during the winter season. Snowfall recorded during 2014-2015 in East Wareham was 86.00 inches, 54.34 inches above the average.

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May was a warm and very dry month with well above average sunshine. The temperatures for May averaged 59.5 degrees, 3.7 degrees above the 30-year average. The maximum temperature was 79.7 degrees on the 17th and a minimum temperature of 39.2 degrees was recorded on the 2nd. Daytime high temperatures averaged 69.0 degrees, 4.1 degrees above the norm. Evening temperatures averaged 50.2 degrees, 3.2 degrees above the norm.

Sunshine totaled 65% of the possible sunshine hours, 13 percentage points above the norm. There were 7 days with 90% or better sunshine (only one more than last year) but only 1 day with no sunshine at all (there were 12 in 2014!). There were 3 days with fog in East Wareham.

Precipitation totaled 0.95 inch, 2.75 inches below the average rainfall for May in East Wareham. May 2014 was also drier than the 30-year norm but not as dry as May 2015. There were only 3 days with measurable precipitation. The largest 24-hour rainfall, accounting for more than half the monthly total, was 0.53 inches on the 19th. Our total year-to-date rainfall is 16.18 inches, 5.46 inches below the average in East Wareham.


The official spring (March-May) had slightly below average temperatures - 45.8 degrees, 0.4 degrees below average. Snowfall for the period totaled 20.3 inches (all in March), 12.8 inches above average. Despite the above average snowfall, precipitation was 8.62 inches below normal due to extremely dry conditions in April and May. Total precipitation was 8.62 inches, 5.06 inches below average. Sunshine for the spring was above normal each month, coming in with 55% of possible hours for the three month period, a very rare occurrence. Sunshine during March and April was slightly above the norm, with May well above average.

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