The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Design and Integration

Research on mobile and wearable sensor technologies for assessment of biometric and biomarker measures of health and performance. Studies of low power wireless communications and integrated sensor design, including signature analytics and data reduction. Integration of mobile device and system designs for translating sensor platforms from the lab to human testing and evaluation. Research on utilization of 3-D printing, prototyping, and packaging approaches for the rapid assessment and validation of sensor concepts. Translational products include integrated near-field antennas and devices for low power interrogation of wearable sensors, a prototype eye-tracker device enabling imaging analysis of eye movement for prediction of stress/anxiety, and prototype printed microfluidic biomarker sensor platform. Research in Cluster 2 provides the interface between device manufacturing (Cluster 1) and human testing (Cluster 4).
Deepak Ganesan
Backscatter network stack, Understanding addictive behavior
Leadership Team
Sundar Krishnamurty
Medical Device Design; Engineering Design
Leadership Team
Prashant Shenoy
Operating systems, distributed systems, cloud computing, and sustainability
Leadership Team
Trisha L. Andrew
Wearable electronics
Steering Committee
Ken Carter
Synthetic polymer chemistry, high resolution patterning, nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Steering Committee
Sunghoon Lee
Steering Committee
Jenna L. Marquard
Health information technology, human factors, engineering psychology
Steering Committee
Frank Sup
Design, modeling and control of electromechanical systems
Steering Committee
Qiangfei Xia
Emerging nanoelectronic devices, Nanofluidic channels, Hybrid nano/CMOS systems
Steering Committee
Joseph Bardin
Millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave active integrated circuit design
Eric L. Bittman
Chronobiology, Neuroendocrinology
Xian Du
engineering, scale up of advanced manufacturing processes from lab to industry
Ian Grosse
Comparative biomechanics and biomedical engineering; semantic web, engineering knowledge management
Ryan C. Hayward
Assembly of polymer and particle-based nanostructures
Elizabeth A. Henneman
Patient safety, eye-tracking, nurse/MD decision-making
Robert W. Jackson
Modeling of active and passive microwave circuits
Byung Kim
Roll to Roll High Aspect Ratio Nano Patterning, SERS
T.J. Mountziaris
Synthesis and Functionalization of Nanostructured Photonic Materials
Vincent Rotello
Nanomaterials in therapeutics and diagnostics
Guangyu Xu
Nano/Micro-fabrication, VLSI design, Bioelectronics, Cell imaging, Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidics
Sigfrid Yngvesson
Terahertz Low Noise Mixer Receivers, Detectors and Sources