Campus Planning: A division of Facilities & Campus Services

Students Outside Integrated Science Center

Explore the resources below to learn more about the development of the UMass Amherst campus. You will also find downloadable versions of all published Campus Development Guidelines and official templates.


Learn About Your Campus

Learn About Your CampusExplore campus built and natural systems.




Green Buildings & Infrastructure

Green Buildings & InfrastructureGreen building standards guide UMass in a continued discovery of the role that design, construction, and operations play in the sustainable future of our campus.


Green Campus Resources

Green Campus ResourcesResources for mapping and documenting sustainability activities in the campus physical environment, including green buildings and infrastructure, campus sustainability maps, and green campus policy resources.


Campus Planning Scholarworks Archive

Campus Planning Scholarworks ArchiveScholarworks provides downloadable links to Campus Planning Master Plan documents, reports and plans, conference presentations, data sets, and more. If you need access to a specific archive document not listed, please contact Ludmilla Pavlova.


Campus Development Guidelines

Campus Development GuidelinesThe Campus Development Guidelines present the University's preferences and criteria for the design and construction of campus facilities and landscape. The goal is to improve the aesthetic character and visual unity of the Amherst campus as a whole.


Master Plan Documents

Master Plan DocumentsThe Master Plan documents provide a history of campus planning effort at UMass Amherst. For additional planning documents and studies, visit our Scholarworks Archive page.