Campus Planning: A division of Facilities & Campus Services

Facilities Programming & Planning

The Facilities Programming and Planning professionals work with faculty and administration in all university, college, school, and administrative units.  We work collaboratively to program and plan facilities that provide space for current needs and for anticipated growth.  All our work is guided by the academic and administrative goals of the University’s Strategic Plan.  From the initial client contact, we look for solutions that will meet the organization’s goals while utilizing space efficiently and optimizing the campus’ resources.  For large capital projects requiring an initial program verification and/or site selection phase, the Programming and Planning group manages the University’s consultants in the development of an approved project program, site, and budget.  Throughout our work, we integrate campus-wide objectives and seek to identify related supporting projects that may be required. 

Once the Facilities Program and Planning group has completed its work, projects receiving funding transition to the Design & Construction Management Division for the design and construction phases.

For more information regarding facilities programming and feasibility studies, please contact any of the following: Jeff Dalzell, Tom Huf, Doug Marshall, Ludmilla Pavlova, Pam Rooney, or Andy Soles.