UMASS AMHERST campus planning
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   campus built

a culture
of planning.



preliminary planning principles

next steps


The built systems of the campus represent substantial investment in the infrastructure and facilities necessary to support the mission of the University. The following are key issues the University will need to address:

  • Access to the other Five Colleges, which are currently challenged by transportation service
  • Connectivity to downtown Amherst retail and service
  • Pedestrian-auto conflicts as a result of intrusive service routes and loading docks, as well as multi-lane loop roads which act as a moat around the campus
  • Expansion of travel demand management programs to further reduce single occupant vehicles and encourage alternative means of travel
  • Aging physical plant –89% of campus buildings are at least 30 years old resulting in significant deferred modernization
  • Homogeneous land-use patterns that stifle intellectual and social collaboration
  • Adaptive use of currently underutilized historic buildings
  • Infrastructure modifications to expand chilled water capacity in response to growing demand for climate controlled space and better utilize the Central Heating Plant


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