Campus Planning: A division of Facilities & Campus Services

Campus Planning Expertise

Space & Asset Management

The Space and Asset Management professionals focus broadly, maintaining data on existing space use and finding solutions to campus-wide space needs.

  • We manage an archive of accurate floor plans for over 12.5 million square feet of campus space.
  • We track and update, room-by-room, data on space use, type, and many other characteristics.
  • We assess available space to solve changing needs, finding solutions for immediate- as well as long-term space issues across all organizations on campus.
  • We provide analysis and recommendations for space utilization based on national practices and standards, using the accurate data we develop.

Facilities Programming & Planning

The Facilities Programming and Planning professionals are focused on the building level and work collaboratively to program and plan facilities that meet current needs and provide space for anticipated growth of programs. Our work includes:

  • Envisioning concept plans for facilities that support the university’s Strategic Plan.
  • Contracting consulting firms in the concept planning phase for large capital projects, to develop final programs, plans, and costs for university groups that have received capital funding and need to proceed to final design.
  • Ensuring a seamless transition for projects from the planning phase to the Design and Construction Management Division and final construction stages.

Campus Planning

The Campus Planning professionals engage at the campus level with university committees and other entities to advance the development of holistic and integrated systems, such as open space and landscape, architecture, pedestrian circulation and utilities.

  • We maintain campus-wide relationships and help to provide the framework and process for decision making that enhances the character of the campus.
  • We envision an integrated campus that is more than a collection of buildings.
  • We create and adapt a framework for successful facilities planning, site selection, design review and ongoing campus asset updates.