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Campus Planning

We Create Campus, Not Just Buildings

Campus Planning professionals are responsible for taking a big picture systems approach to implementing the Campus Master Plan by initiating and managing planning processes that support and supplement it.  Our effort to create campus, not just build buildings, necessitates a comprehensive understanding of all of the systems that are interrelated and work together to support the physical campus.  These systems include the built environment; the landscape and open space network; the vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian circulation and transportation networks; the land use patterns; the utility networks; and how all of these systems work together in a sustainable manner to support the Universities’ strategic goals.  The campus planning staff work with all administrative divisions to facilitate a dynamic and innovative planning process about each of these systems within the context of the Campus Master Plan (CMP) and to ensure that the culture of planning and sustainability permeate solutions as we move into the future.  Visit the Master Plan Explorer to learn more: Master Plan Explorer

During the CMP process Campus Planning reached out to the campus community to build a culture of planning that will ensure that the master plan continues as a living document that will adapt to the needs of the campus and its stakeholders, and to new and unforeseen factors.  We recently completed a Master Plan Sustainability Chapter that articulates the manner in which the Campus Master Plan principles translate into specific recommendations for campus systems development in support for future smart growth. 

For questions about the Master Plan please contact the following: for buildings sites and program -Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham at or 413-577-1720; for town-gown and utilities - Niels La Cour at or 413-577-1723; for landscape and open space – Simon Raine at or 413-577-4691.

 holistic planning process at UMass Amherst