We know that technology can help improve your physical health.  The same is true for your mental health.  Here are a few smart phone apps that our clinicians have found helpful.

Stress and Anxiety

  • iZen Garden
    • rake sand, grow Bonsai trees, listen to soothing music or nature sounds
  • Koi Pond
    • control water ripples and the fish in this relaxation app
  • iStress
    • provides several stress management activities (reframing, reading encouraging poems, laughing at "stress jokes," etc.)
  • iShatter
    • lets you simulate breaking glass, destroy a photo of your choosing, etc.
  • Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help
    • informational articles, Anxiety Thought Diary, audios to access calming states, learn deep relaxation, and get through panic attacks
  • Worry Box – Anxiety Self-Help
    • help determining if worries are controllable or not, and what to do about them in both cases
    • audios to manage worries and to relax

Mood & Emotion Regulation

  • MyMoodTracker
    • Medication reminders/trackers as well as mood, drugs, menstrual cycles, sleep, and functioning
    • Graphs results
  • Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help
    • uses CBT to challenge irrational thinking and replace it with more rational thoughts
  • Self-Esteem Blackboard
    help you evaluate your self-concept and improve your self-talk
  • DBT Self-Help
    • create a personalized crisis list of skills for rapid access in difficult and critical situations
    • access pre-generated skills lists for managing anger, shame, sadness, and fear practice various skills, with the options to save and share the data

Overall Well Being

  • Bloom
    • Customizable reminders to make healthy choices, stay connected with others, manage stress, strengthen your spirit, save money, advance your career, and enhance your creativity
  • The Habit Factor
    • set a goal and identify habits to help you reach the goal
    • check off daily progress toward goal (achieving each habit for the day) and track overall progress
  • Gratitude Journal
    • list things you’re grateful for
    • helps you remember and savor the positive influences in your life
  • My Pocket Coach
    • select your problem area and receive advice, actions to take, and reminders to check in on your progress
  • Live Happy
    • encourages and reminds you of healthy and happy habits to bring about positive change
  • My Thoughts
    • set the category and receive daily positive affirmations
  • Transform Your Life: An Year of Awareness Practice
    • daily quotes along with contemplative assignments
  • TracknShare
    • Allows you to track mood, sleep, diet, weather, and stress (and even more!)
    • Lets you record notes and track acts of kindness and gratitude and puts it all into a graph
  • Sleep On It
    • Record how much you sleep, and add info about sleep quality, mood, meds and more to see what affects your sleep and how much you really need to feel rested and energized

ADHD, Organization, Time Management

  • Evernote
    • save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see
    • search by keyword, tag, or images
    • talk to text & recording device
    • sync between phone, tablet, and computer
  • Color Note
    • text or checklist style virtual notepad to track tasks, plan projects, and write reminders to yourself
    • Can sync with Google Calendar and PC desktop
  • Crazy Busy with Dr. Hallowell
    • highlight areas in your life that feel out of balance and the app will analyze and summarize data, giving them "Return-on-Time-Invested" and "Worth It" scores
    • Gives suggestions for improvement
    • (upgrade version available with more personalized suggestions, Gratitude Tracker, and time minder/stopwatch)
  • Mint
    • track, categorize, and manage your money
    • get advice and suggestions about how to better manage your spending