Guides, Manuals and Policies

In addition to this list, you may also want to refer to University Policies and Procedures.

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Accounts Payable Mailboxes Email addresses for various Accounts Payable functions 1/27/17 Accounts Payable
Amherst Campus Credit Card Information Policy UMass Amherst policy for accepting and handling Credit Card information. 5/18/17 General Accounting
Amherst Campus Policies Memorandum - Amherst Campus Policies 12/20/12 General Accounting, Research Accounting
AP Look Up Payment Information, including special Handling How to look up payment information and also includes instructions ofr those instances when you need to pick up a check. 3/6/17 Accounts Payable
Business Expense Policy The Business Expense Policy applies to expenses incurred by a duly authorized University of Massachusetts employee or trustee conducting university business. A school or department may establish more restrictive guidelines and procedures than those covered by this policy. The policies below adhere... 6/27/17 Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Travel
Certificate of Insurance How to Request a Certificate of Insurance.  Link to Office of the President web site. Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Research Accounting
Collection Security Guidelines The collection security guidelines provide internal controls designed to safeguard cash, checks and other types of tender received by departments. Some controls may not apply to every area but safeguards need to correspond to associated risk. Managers should ensure that their area is in compliance... 10/19/11 General Accounting
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bill Paying Policy and General Paying Policies Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bill Paying Policy and General Paying Policies 5/19/11 Accounts Payable, General Accounting
Controller's Office Internal Control Document Internal Control Procedure - used for document/transaction processing by the Financial Services division of the Amherst Campus of the University of Massachusetts. It details the procedures used for State-Appropriated Funds, Grants & Contracts and Non-Appropriated Funds. It further details the... 3/3/17 Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Research Accounting
Cost Transfer Policy Applies to all cost transfers to or from sponsored awards 10/20/16 Research Accounting
Direct Payment in BuyWays Job Aid for Direct Payment in BuyWays 7/7/17 Accounts Payable
Echo Sign Process for Subrecipient Invoices Adobe EchoSign Electronic Signature Process-Subrecipient Invoices 9/1/16 Research Accounting
Endowment Budget Inquiry Job Aid Associated Revenue Budget Job Aid Use for Gift, RTF% and Endowment Funds. 9/2/08 General Accounting
Expenditure Classification Crosswalk The handbook includes the codes, code descriptions and instructions for the encumbering and expenditure of funds on requisitions/purchase orders. It does not include codes for Payroll, Employee Reimbursements, or Recharges, as they are inappropriate for use on requisitions/purchase orders. The... 3/9/17 Equipment
Expenditure Classification for Reimbursements Accounts/Object Codes for Employee Reimbursement Handbook 6/2/14 Accounts Payable, General Accounting
Fabricated Equipment Cost on Federal Research Grants and Contracts Procedure The purpose of this Guidance is to define criteria and procedures for the inclusion of Fabricated Equipment on research projects sponsored by the federal government, so that such charges are in compliance with federal regulations and University policies. 10/11/12 Equipment
Federal Trade Commissions Red Flag Rule Policy The Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) issued a regulation known as the Red Flag Rule that is intended to reduce the risk of identity theft. The Red Flag Rule applies to UM Amherst due to our participation in the Federal Perkins Loan program, the Nurse Faculty Loan Program, our institutional loan... 4/20/16 General Accounting
Finding Award Documents in Summit Job Aid on how to view Award Documents within Summit. 11/14/13 Research Accounting
Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreement Decision Tree 4/24/14 Research Accounting, Travel
Fly America Policy 9/26/14 Research Accounting, Travel
Foreign Vendor Document Requirements 4/14/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
Fraudulent Financial Activities The Board of Trustees has issued a Policy Statement on Fraudulent Financial Activities (Doc. T00-051, adopted August 2, 2000) [PDF]. Described herein are... General Accounting
Glacier Training Guide 3/31/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
Grant Fund Crosswalk Research Accounting
How to evaluate a cost to a Federally Sponsored Project 11/1/15 Research Accounting
Insurance Information University of Massachusetts Insurance Information.  Link to Office of the President web site. Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Research Accounting
Journal Attachment Instructions PSoft 9.1 has the ability to attach supporting documentation directly into your GL Journal. Should you chose this option you would not need to print your Journals as the support is electronically attached. 4/30/12 General Accounting, Journal Workflow
Journal Entry Guide The guide provides standards for users with access to journal entry workflow.  2/28/15 Journal Workflow
Journal Entry Import Instructions Instructions on how to import a Journal Entry Upload Spreadsheet into Administrative Accounting System. 2/1/12 Journal Workflow
Journal Workflow Guide A workflow guide for Journals in the Administrative Accounting System. 3/21/15 General Accounting, Journal Workflow
Lookup Budget Balance and Encumbrance How to check budget balances on the University PeopleSoft Financial Accounting System. 1/6/16 Chartfield Maintenance
Lookup Cash Balance and Liabilities How to check cash balances on the University PeopleSoft Financial Accounting System. 1/6/16 Chartfield Maintenance
Lookup Fund Balance Ho to look up Fund Balances on the University PeopleSoft Financial Accounting System. 1/6/16 Chartfield Maintenance
Mileage Reimbursement Rate     Memorandum TO: Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Travel Preparers FROM: Robert A. Liebowitz, Controller DATE: December 20, 2016 SUBJECT: 2017 University Mileage Reimbursement Rate The Internal Revenue Service issued Notice 2016-79 outlining the decrease for 2017 in the allowable standard... 12/21/16 Employees Moving, Travel
Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Procedure Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Procedure 4/14/16 Research Accounting
Paymode Enrollment 4/28/17 Vendor File
Pre-Travel Authorization Pre-Travel Authorization Memo 3/8/17 Travel
Property Management Procedures Policy and Procedures to track of all University equipment and capital assets, conduct periodic inventory observations, and dispose of surplus equipment in accordance with Federal and State regulations and University policies. Section 1 -... 6/10/16 Equipment
Quasi Endowment Transfer Policy Amherst campus departments may transfer restricted funds, primarily gift balances not expected to be used over a five year period, to the University foundation by creating quasi endowments.   9/1/08 General Accounting
Record Retention and Disposition Schedules Statewide Records Retention Schedule 5/26/17 General Accounting
Reimbursements to Resident Nonemployees Memo: To reduce paperwork currently needed to reimburse resident nonemployees it is no longer necessary to obtain a W-9. 12/18/15 Accounts Payable
Research Trust Fund (RTF) Expenditure Guidelines The RTF policy of the University of Massachusetts is to comply fully with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 29, Section 6B (Federal Grant Funds; Definitions; Applications; Notice and Procedural Requirements; Restrictions on Expenditure of Funds; Institutions of Higher Learning). 4/28/89 General Accounting, Research Accounting
Sponsored Grant Budget Levels A budget level defines the level of restriction for the use of funds provided by a Sponsor.  Within each level are unique Budget Account Codes that categorize how funds are to be expensed.  The budget level for an Award is determined according to to the Award terms and conditions.  Sponsored... 7/31/14 Research Accounting
Subrecipient Monitoring Procedures 5/20/16 Research Accounting
Tax Status of The University Tax Status of the University. Net ID Log on required.  Link to Office of The President web site. Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Research Accounting
Travel Manual To provide a uniform policy regarding approval and control of travel by employees on University business and to establish guidelines for the management of travel expenditures. This policy applies to all employees of the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus.  6/6/17 Travel
Treasurer's Office Policies Treasurer's Office Policies.  External link to the Office of The President, Treasurer's Office. General Accounting
UMass Club in Boston - Campus Sponsored Events Memo to provide guidelines on campus sponsored events occuring at the UMass Clib in Boston. 2/23/06 General Accounting
University Policies and Guidelines University Policies and Guidelines.  External Link to Office of The President. Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Research Accounting
University Records Classification and Retention Matrix Records Retention and Disposition Matrix 5/26/17 General Accounting
What is Surplus Property? This is a web link that describes what Surplus Property is and how to properly dispose of equipment. Equipment
Whistleblowing Policy Massachusetts General Laws c. 149, § 185 protects employees from retaliation for engaging in what is commonly known as "whistleblowing" activities. 8/28/17 General Accounting