Chartfield Maintenance

What are Chartfields and Chartfield Strings?

Chartfields are attributes in a Chart of Accounts.  Chartfields make up a Chartfield String.  A Chartfield String is used to define, identify, categorize and sort transactions. 

The following Chartfields are used for Amherst Chartstrings:

  • Fund - Type of Funding (Ex. State, GOF, RTF etc.)
  • Department - Used to track information according to a divisional breakdown
  • Program - Used to identify goups of related activities.  The UMass Amherst Program Code is a combination of the NACUBO code and the A21 Code.
  • Class - Optional field, used to further breakdown type of activity.
  • Project ID - Used to track Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Projects. 

How to Request a New Chartstring

To request a new chartstring, use the Chartstring Create New Request Form. Complete it and send it either:

  • by campus mail to the Controller's Office, Attention: Chartfield Maintenance
  • or by email to chartstr [at] (if signed form needed please scan and send)

How to Inactivate a Chartstring

To inactivate a Chartstring, make sure the Chartstring is no longer used for:

  • Payroll
  • Recharges (Example: Telephone, Mail etc.)
  • Open Purchase Orders or Requisitions
  • Procard or Travel Card

The following balances should be brought to zero depending on fund type:

  • Budget Balance 
  • Cash 
  • Liabilities (All Funds for Accounts starting with 2XXXXX)
  • Fund Balance 
  • Other Balance Sheet Balances (All Funds for Accounts: 110001 to 299999)

The Controller's Office will clear off Fund Balances for the following funds:

  • 11000 - State
  • 51006 - Tuition Retention
  • 51342 - GOF
  • 52129 - Research Trust Fund