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Undergraduate News and Testimonials

Undergraduate News 


Poetry collection forthcoming from Alumna Lillian Sickler

The Comparative Literature program is delighted to announce that Lillian Sickler (BA in Comp Lit, class of 2018) will be publishing a chapbook of poetry entitled “Incredibly Close & Perfect” with Ghost City Press ( Her collection is slated to be released in the summer of 2019. Congratulations, Lillian!



Undergraduate William Plotnick Accepted into the NYU Tisch Cinema Studies Program

The Comparative Literature Program is proud to announce that senior William Plotnick has been accepted into the NYU Tisch Cinema Studies Program! (Congratulations!) and will be pursuing his Masters of Art. The focus of William's research is Pier Paolo Pasolini's 1975 Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom. He will attend in Fall 2018. We congratulate him on this achievement and wish him the best at NYU.




CompLit Major Eliav H. Ehrenkrantz Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

The Comparative Literature Department is pleased to announce the election of our major, Eliav H. Ehrenkrantz, to Phi Beta Kappa and congratulate him on this distinct success.

Testimonials from Majors

"I chose Comparative Literature because of the freedom I felt it gave me in exploring a more interdisciplinary study of literature. I came to UMass as an English major, but after taking a CompLit class and reading more about the major, I decided a switch to CompLit would be the best choice for me. Every day I am so glad that I chose CompLit as my major, because it has made my experience at UMass the best it can be."
— Taryn Fernacz (Major: Comparative Literature, Certificate: Film Studies, Extracurriculars: Peer Mentor)

"I am a Comparative Literature major because I had been taking electives that interested me as an underclassman and I discovered that these courses all fell under the major. The nature of Comparative Literature is that it is fluid and adaptable, and it has been so nice to explore my interests through courses that are not regularly connected. And there are real gems within the department itself—I find that the first CompLit courses I took, two film courses, have taught me ways of thinking which I use to conceptualize materials in other classes and in reading and writing and film- and play- watching outside of school." 
— James Zebooker (Major: Comparative Literature, Minor: Latin, Certificate: Film Studies, Extracurriculars: Improv Comedy (Toast!), acting, screen and playwriting )

"I came to UMass as a Spanish major completely unsure of what direction I wanted to go with my studies, especially after graduating. My interest in translation and interpreting is what originally brought me to Comparative Literature, because it was the only major that focused on both these areas of language studies. The way the Comparative Literature major is structured made it easy for me to combine it with my Spanish major but also focus on many of my own personal interests. Besides the classes in translation and interpreting, classes like “The History of Animation” and some of my favorite English courses counted towards the major. I highly recommend that anyone in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts check out Comparative Literature if only for the great professors and the fun classes that you won't find anywhere else on campus." 
— Sarah Armstrong (Major: Spanish and Comparative Literature, Certificate: Interpreting Studies, Extracurriculars:Student Co-ops/ Earthfoods )