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AQAD Self-Study

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AQAD Self-Study prepared by Comparative Literature

The Academic Quality Assessment and Development (AQAD) is an external review process for assessing the core academic functions of each department or program at the university, including teaching and learning; research, professional, and creative activity; and public service and academic outreach. The AQAD review provides a rigorous quality assessment, identifying strengths and targeting areas for growth and development.

Read the AQAD Self-Study (PDF file) prepared by Comparative Literature for the external review of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Excerpt from the 2006 AQAD Final Report

"Comparative Literature at UMass enjoys an excellent reputation in its field due to the contributions of its faculty and alumni. This unit consists of a group of core faculty, appointed in Comparative Literature, and a roster of associate faculty with positions in another program. The program is thus deeply interlinked with the other units in the LLC. Comparative Literature is, in addition, the home for languages, literature and cultures not taught in other parts of the LLC, and for some literature areas formerly belonging to the Slavic unit. Its focus is international and experimental, with strengths in areas that fall outside nationally-defined cultural spheres: translation, the graphic novel (comics), film studies, children’s literature, and Philippine cultural studies, for example. Under the rubric of Comparative Literature also fall a number of undergraduate courses with a multinational and often multidisciplinary reach."


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