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The Minor in Comparative Literature

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Fifteen credits of Comparative Literature courses at the 200 level and above.

- No more than two 200-level courses
- Three 300-level or higher courses

Proficiency in one foreign language is required.


  1. Pass/fail courses may not be applied to the minor.
  2. A minimum grade of C must be awarded for the course to count.
  3. Only three credits of independent study coursework may be counted toward the minor.
  4. A maximum of six transfer credits in Comparative Literature may be applied. Only credits awarded by Transfer Affairs may be considered. Transfer credits must be approved by the Undergraduate Studies Committee; the student should address a petition to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, attaching course syllabi if available.

Language Proficiency

Native speakers of English: The student must satisfy the University's language requirements, and be prepared to work in a foreign language as expected in upper-level Comparative Literature courses. Native speakers of other languages: The student must be proficient enough in English to fulfill the written and oral requirements of upper-level Comparative Literature courses.

Advising and Graduation

A prospective minor should seek advising at least once a term. In the semester prior to graduation, the student must obtain a Minor form from the Registrar, and have it signed by a Comparative Literature advisor.


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