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Undergraduate Alumni/ae

One recent major, Sasha Senderovich, after spending a year at Oxford University on the first $20,000 fellowship offered by the Commonwealth College, was accepted at Harvard University with a $20,000 annual fellowship for five years. Another of our recent majors, Maryann Davis, has just been admitted to Sciences Po in Paris. Like Sasha and Maryann, many of our other majors are drawn toward studies abroad. All of these students find Comparative Literature the ideal program for developing their multi-faceted interests.

After graduation, our majors pursue a variety of careers. One is currently a senior managing partner of Bear Stearns, the largest privately owned financial services company in the United States, who, while studying Comparative Literature as an undergraduate, began a translation of hitherto unpublished cantos of Ariosto that were later published by the University of California Press. Another has headed the Manhattan Cable Network. Still another has won national awards for her scholarship.

Margarita Zamora holds a full professorship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Two others are now full professors at Kenyon College and at North Carolina State University, respectively, while a third, Denise Filios, with a both a B.A. and an M.A. in Comparative Literature from UMass, has a tenure system appointment at the University of Iowa.

Some of our graduates have become editors at publishing houses such as Peter Lang, Blackwells or Oxford University Press, or at studios such as MTV. Several have become lawyers, practicing in Massachusetts and elsewhere. In New York, one is a key designer and creator of the Metropolitan Museum web site. We have a graduate who works in public radio, and another who is on the editorial staff of a men's magazine. Another has been director of the New York City Dance Guild. This variety of careers in which our graduates have succeeded provides an indication of the leadership quality and motivation of many of our majors.

Graduate Alumni/ae

Jana E. Braziel

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Litreature at the University of Cincinnati

Siobhan Craig

Assistant Professor of English at the University of Minnesota

Alessandra Di Maio

Assistant Professor Dipartimento di Scienze filologiche e linguistiche at the University of Palermo

Nikolina I. Dobreva

Visiting Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies at Middlebury College

Lan Dong

Assistant Professor of English at the University of Illinois, Springfield

Caroline M. Dothee

Copywriter for LMS International

Daniela Fargione

Assistant Professor of Anglo-American Language and Literatures at the Università degli Studi di Torino

Lilian P. Feitosa

Adjunct Professor of Foreign Languages at James Madison University

Enrique Garcia

Assistant Professor of Spanish at Middlebury College

Neil C. Hartlen

Instructor in the English department at Dawson College

Yehudit Heller

Lecturer for the Commonwealth College at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Shu-Chen Huang

Assistant Professor of Critical Languages at Temple University

Dale M. Hudson

Visiting Lecturer of Film and Media at NYU/Abu Dhabi

Hussein Y. Ibish

Senior Fellow of the American Task Force on Palestine

Li Lu

Professor of Chinese and Associate Dean for International Relations at Beijing University

Anita Mannur

Assistant Professor of English at Miami University

Ada Chinara McKenzie

Assistant Professor of English at the College of the Bahamas

Mariela E. Mendez de Coudriet

Asssistant Professor of Latin American and Iberian Studies at the University of Richmond

Corinne D. Oster

Maître des Conferences at Charles de Gaulle University - Lille III

Theophilus E. Padnos

Journalist at the National Yemen Newspaper

Meriem C. Pagese

Associate Professor of English at Keene State College

Loc Quoc Pham

Director of the General Education Program at Hoa Sen University

Juan G. Ramos

Assistant Professor of Spanish at Holy Cross

Jennifer Rodgers

Principal Technical Writer at Websense

Jonathan B. Sadow

Assistant Professor of English at SUNY Oneonta

Shawn R. Smolen-Morten

Assistant Professor of English at Francis Marion University

Roger A. Stritmatter

Associate Professor of English at Coppin State University

Bunkong Tuon

Assistant Professor of English at Union College

Friederike Vonschwerin-High

Assistant Professor of German at Pomona College

Beverly M. Weber

Assistant Professor of German and Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Colorado Boulder

Frans-Stephen Weiser

Post-doc in Spanish at University of Pittsburg

Are You an Alum?

We'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email and let us know where you are and what you are doing!


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