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It is with great pleasure that I finally bring you the 2003 OGSCL Winter Newsletter.

On the cover, in addition to the university and department logos, I reintroduce the original OGSCL logo, the trio of icons that I selected when I designed the website 'way back in the 90's. In those first meetings, Jonathan Sadow, Jana Braziel, Michael Degener, Jennifer Rogers, myself, and others envisioned and formed an organization that has, because of the quality of subsequent participants, exceeded our best expectations.  The colors in the logo were based on the school colors and the set represents the signs of our affliliation. The website presence was my project, and I am very proud that the original data structure has suited our growth so appropriately.  I suppose that it is also appropriate that I have had the honor of editing the first newsletter created exclusively as an 'e-newsletter'.

Our department is a wonderful place.  I can't think of anywhere else that I can go and find such a diversity of cultures.  I feel blessed when I remember that all in one evening I can talk to Lan about how capitalism is changing China, get a description of the dominant flora and fauna, and native dishes of Bulgaria from Nikolina, be made aware of the special status of Cambodian Americans from BK, enjoy the British humor of Craig, and discover the best places to stay in France from Corinne.  I have met and enjoyed the company of gareduate students like Yehudit  from Israel, and Hussein from Arabia. This is only a small sampling of the ways in which my own consciousness has been expanded by exposure to our microcosm of the world.  Here, we find the human quotient-- what is left when all national, racial, and cultural differences are subsumed under one united banner, the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Would that the world could find a scene so sweet!

In this edition, I wanted to find a way to represent, celebrate, and share our individuality. In this issue you'll find a thoughtful, eloquent message from our department Chair, William "Bill" Moebius, two beautiful and moving poems by Esther Cuesta.,  travel writing especially for us by Corinne Oster and Dale Hudson, and recent alumnae, Jennifer Rogers, and memoirs by Bunkong Tuon and meLilian Fietosa's new baby and our department's interest in children's literature has led to the results of a little chat on lullabies.  One of our undergraduates Daniel Ruetenik has provided us with a view of the Junior Year Seminar from a participant's point of view, and he has given us notice that the deadline for mOthertongue is upon us. We have also listed the Comparative Literature majors, kept track of some of our notable achievements and provided updates on alumni. Finally, we have a couple of creative pieces of writing about experiences as TA's from Bunkong Tuon and Nikolina Dobreva and me.

Welcome to the OGSCL Winter 2003 Newsletter!  Enjoy!


Letha Deck

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