Film Analysis

Film Analysis is a variant of the “Comparative Literature and a Related Discipline” track and has the same requirements. (See the Major in Comparative Literature page.)

  1. Major literature (for some of you this will be English) in which you take 3 courses. In the English Department, any course from 200 on up counts; one course may be Creative Writing. In the other language Departments, 240 is the first course that counts. Film courses in your major literature may be included here. Suggested English Department courses for Film Analysis students include “Representing the Holocaust,” “Modern Novel,” and “Screen Writing.”
  2. The “related discipline” is film, and you need another 4 courses here, 300 level or above.
  3. Minor literature—you need 2 courses, i.e. 240 or above plus one literature course. If your minor literature is French, Italian or German, you may take French, Italian or German film. You are encouraged to take upper-level courses in literature.
  4. Comparative Literature requirements: here you need 6 courses in Comparative Literature, one of which must be The History of Literary Criticism (Comp Lit 394 HI). You will also need to take the Junior Year Writing course, which is a University requirement and does not count towards the major.
  5. This track may be done in conjunction with the University Film Certificate in the Interdepartmental Program in Film Studies.