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Sample Course Plan: General Language-Literature

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Note: The minimum language requirement is English and one foreign language. English courses must be numbered 201 or higher. Foreign language courses must be numbered 240 or higher and may not include courses where the reading/viewing is done in English. No more than 6 credits of Independent Study maybe counted towards the major. Grammar or conversation classes, culture classes, and courses in literature in translation, may not be applied to the Comparative Literature major.

Sample course plans correspond to the three tracks for the Major in Comparative Literature.

Credit Distributions

Credit Distributions
Comparative Literature 15 upper-level credits
Major Literature 12 upper-level credits
Minor Literature 12 upper-level credits
3rd Language 0
total credits: 39

Sample Plan

Comparative Literature Courses
(300 level or above; 200 level with foreign language and permission):
Course # Course Title Credits Semester
CompLit 356 Amer Lit Euro Contxt 3.00 S04
CompLit 391H Literary Criticism 4.00 S05
CompLit 190C Intro To Sci-Fi 3.00 F05
CompLit 529 Symbolist Movement 3.00 S06
CompLit 691S Senior Theory Seminar–Female Subject 3.00 S06
CompLit 397 Junior Yr. Writing Requirement 3.00 F06
Courses in Major Literature—English:
Course # Course Title Credits Semester
English 221 Shakespeare 3.00 F03
English 254H Writ&Reading Imag Lit/Honors 4.00 F03
English 491A Neruda In Trnsltn 3.00 S05
English 272 American Romanticism 3.00 F05
English 200 Sem Literary Studies 3.00 S06
Courses in Second Literature—Spanish:
Course # Course Title Credits Semester
Spanish 319 Intro To Lit Analysis 3.00 S04
Spanish 320 Lit Currents-Spain I 3.00 F04
Spanish 497V ST-Cervantes: El Quijote 3.00 S05
Spanish 321 Literary Currents-Spain II 4.00 F05


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