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Curricular Innovation

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By collaborating with other departments and institutions, employing media and communications technologies, and thinking beyond the bounds of the conventional classroom, Comparative Literature develops creative and innovative course offerings.

For instance, we have been pioneers within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts in the development of curricula for distance learning, and especially in the area of collaborative distance learning, linked to as many as six other campuses in the Commonwealth through interactive television, and on-line to students from both the East and West Coast. The COMP-LIT 256H Poets and Poetry of New England project is one example.

We have gradually extended this mission, recently introducing the first on-line version of Comparative Literature 141, Themes of Good and Evil, which has met with unheralded success, as well as Medical Interpretation, also very well received. We have entered into discussion with the new director of Continuing Education regarding the possibility of expanding our offerings in this mode, and have been invited to do so. Our potential for doing so, especially given our experience in large lecture format, is significant and could enhance the University’s reputation and influence.


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