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Good & Evil: East-West

Race, Tragedy and Gothic Literatures in the Americas
Jana Evans Braziel, Instructor
229B Mc Micken Hall
Department of English and Comparative Literature
University of Cincinnati
ML 210069
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0069
Office # (513) 556-0834
Fax # (513) 556-5960

Comparative Literature
Spring 2000, MWF 10:10 AM
Office: Bartlett 15; Office hours: M 1:30-2:30 

I. Course Description

In this course, the issues of good and evil are explored through race, tragedy and gothic literatures in the Americas, both the U.S. and the Caribbean, areas exhibiting a fusion of eastern, western, African, European, and indigenous cultural traditions. In this course, we will examine francophone, anglophone, and hispanophone texts -- with African diasporic, Amerindien, and créole influencesófrom Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States of America. The tension between European colonialists, enslaved Africans and indigenous or native peoples in the "New World" establishes an historical frame for examining race, tragedy and gothic literatures in the Americas in the twentieth century. We will attempt to define (or redefine) America, Americanness, and modernity, as well as examining how these (nationalist) categories have been constructed in relation to metaphysical notions of good and evil and ontological, essentialist definitions of race. Through the literary texts, we will explore how communities understand goodness, confront evil, and address historical tragedy through the processes of memory, revision and imagination.

II. Required books

Available from Atticus Albion Bookstore (across from Amherst Common)

Required Texts:

Recommended Texts:

Photocopies distributed in class

III. Course Policies

IV. Course Requirements


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 2/7-2/11

Week 4 2/14-2/18

Week 5 2/21-2/25

Week 6 2/38-3/3

Week 7 3/3-3/10

Mid-term Examination - March 10

Week 8

Week 9 3/20-3/24

Week 10 3/27-3/31

Week 11 4/3-4/7

Week 12 4/10-4/14

Week 13 4/17-4/21

Week 14 4/42-4/28

Week 15 5/1-5/5

Week 16 5/8-5/10

Finals Week 5/13-5/19

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