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Asian Response to Colonization

Professor Girdhari Tikku
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana 


Requirements: Brief in-class assignments; term paper based on material drawn from the social and literary responses (individual works or theory/ies)

Jan 22 Introduction: Colonization, response, reform, revival, impact and influence religious, political and literary-christianity, democracy, and Western theory of literature -theory of influence and impact- Jost and Amiya Day -"Ram Mohan Roy"(2 I -43); "Debendranath Tagore"(52-63): "Abu Taleb"(8- 12)

Jan 29 The Indian case and the British transfer of rule from the Muslims to the British-political implications; religious implications; linguistic implication-- land of many languages- language policy- encouragement of classical languages Arabi,Persian and Sanskrit ;also some spoken languages such as Bengali, Hindi--the Fort Williams College--"Factors of Change"(23.46); "Macaulay"(44-49); Progress of Civilization"- Vivekananda(87- I 07); "India"(3 19-338)

Feb 5 Levels of response-- new concepts nationalism, democracy and patriotism; India a vast country: differences in the coastal India and the hinterland-- what caused colonization? lack of technology, sciences, military. particularly naval superiority, decadent caste system, feudal government-- search for religious identity; "Reverence for Christ"(68-8 I); "Vivekananda's Experience"(82- I05);"Mahatama Gandhi and Christianity"( 143-155) 

Feb 12 Respose of Muslims- language policy and the introduction of English, the missionaries and their contributioin to vemaculars; Derezio "One poem";"Syed Ahmad lKhan"(187- 194);" Maudoodi"(300-31 1);"Mohammad Iqbal"(195-215) 

Feb 19 Response of Hindus--"Jones"(38-40);"Kashap Chandra Sen"(63-75); "Dayanand Saraswati"(&6-84); "Gandhi and the Bhagvadgita"(88- 109) 

Feb 26 Literary and philosophic response:"The Nobel Prize Award Letter"; Tagore" The Individual and the Universe"; "Introduction" to Gitanjah ; "Shahjahan", etc. Yeat's interpretation of Indian literature 

Mar 4 "Duty";"Old Bapu"; "The Post Office";Selections from Tagore's Selected Poems 

Mar 11 Response to critical theory--Poetry:Aurobindo:"The Poet and the Yogi";"Classification of World's Greatest Poets"; "Future Poetry" 

Mar 18 "I Hear the Hindu"( 183-1 93);Naiasimiah "Shakespeare and the Indian Sensibility"(59-81)

Mar 25 "Modern Indian Novel"( 158-168); "Novel as Sadhaka" -the Indian Novel and its growth 

Apr 1 Kanthapura- the Indianization of English (aesthetic and traditional))

Apr 8 Middle Eastern responses: Jamal ud-Din Afghani "Answer to Renan"( 181-187); Iqbal "The Revolt of Islam"; "Jalal and Goethe"; "Message from the East"; "Secreets of Ego" 

Apr 15 The New York Times article ; Midaq Alley; the Egyptian response(class reports) 

Apr 22 The Iranian example ofa semi-colonized state; Occidentosis: the Iranian response(class reports) 

Apr 29 East-West problem Season of Migration to North Sudanese response(class reports) 

May 6 Kawabata's Nobel Prize acceptance speech; The Snow Country --Japanese response (class reports)

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