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University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana
Comparative Literature
Fall 1989
Instructor:Professor Girdhari Tikku

Asian Response to the West

Requirements: Brief in-class assignments; term paper based on material drawn from the social and literary responses (individual works or literary theory/ies).


Wed Aug 30 Introduction and "Neo-Hindu Images of Christianity"- Sharpe (1-15)

Wed Sep 6 "Progress of Civilization"- Vivekananda (87-107); "India"- Panikkar (319-338); "Reverence to Christ..." French (66-81)

Wed Sep 13 "Mahatma Gandhi and Christianity"- Rao (143-155); "Radakrishnan's view of Christianity"- Harris (157-181); Recommended: "Vivekananda's Experiences"-French (82-105)

Wed Sep 20 Indian Response to Hinduism; The Bhagavadgita, III, XII, XV; "Bankin Chandra..."- Ray (34-43); "Ghandi and The Bhagavadgita"- Jordens (88-109)

Wed Sep 27 Tagore: the Universalist Tagore, "The individual and the Universe"; Selections from Gitanjali (to be given later); "Shahjahan" and "Earth", and "The Post Office"

Wed Oct 4 Criticism of Theory; Aurobindo: "The Poet and Yogi"; "Classification of World's greatest Poets"; "Future Poetry (conclusion)"; Vaid: "Modern Indian Novel" (158-168); Nambiar: "I Hear the Hindoo" (183-193)

Wed Oct 11 Premchand, Godan- The Progressive Writers; Anand, "Duty" and "Old Bapu"

Wed Oct 18 Raja Rao, Serpent and the Rope- Acculturation

Wed Oct 25 Jamal ad-Din, "Answer to Renan" (181-187); Koran (The Speech of Allah)- (32-41); Arberry, Iqbal "The Revolt of Islam"

Wed Nov 1 Iqbal: "Jalal & Goethe"; "Message from the East"; "Secrets of Ego"; Hussein: "The Stream of Days"

Wed Nov 8 Mahfouz: Midaq Alley

Wed Nov 15 Jamalzadeh: Yaki Bud Yaki Nabud (preface); Al-e Ahmad: Occidentosis

Wed Nov 22 Hedayat: The Blind Owl; (Class Reports)

Wed Nov 29 Farrokhzad: "The Revolt"; (Class Reports)

Wed Dec 6 Kawabata: The Snow Country; (Class Reports)

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