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Spring 1989
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Comparative Literature
Shevvy Craig


Required texts:

Daniel Halpern, ed. The Art of the Tale (AOTT)
Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street
Booklet of duplicated readings


Attendance and participation in discussion

Three 3-4 page papers with drafts. Due dates for papers: Feb. 27, March 27, April 21. (Paper topics must be chosen in consultation with instructor)

1 hour final exam (either in class May 17 or as scheduled final exam during exam period)

Brief in-class oral report

Feb. 1 Introduction

Feb. 3 Margaret Atwood (Canada), "Hair Jewelry" (AOTT)

Feb. 6 Edna O'Brien (Ireland), "SisterImelda" (AOTT)

Feb. 8 Truman Capote (USA), "Children on Their Birthdays" (AOTT)

Feb. 10 T.C. Boyle (USA), "Greasy Lake" Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru), "The Challenge" (AOTT)

Feb. 13 Graham Greene (England), "Two Gentle People" (AOTT)

Feb. 15 Doris Lessing (England), "The Habit of Loving" (AOTT)

Feb. 17 Patrick White (Australia), "Five-Twenty" (AOTT)

Feb. 20 NO CLASS

Feb. 21 Monday's schedule: Sandra Cisneros (USA) The House on Mango Street

Feb. 22 Mango Street

Feb. 24 Mango Street

Feb. 27 Gloria Naylor (USA), "Mattie Michael" FIRST PAPER DUE

March 1 Naylor, "Etta Mae Johnson"

March 3 Naylor, "Kiswana Browne"

March 6 Alice Walker (USA), "A Sudden Trip Home in the Spring"

March 8 Walker, "Nineteen fifty-five"

March 10 Walker, "Really, Doesn't Crime Pay?"

March 13 James Baldwin (USA), "Going to Meet the Man" (AOTT)

March 15 Richard Wright (USA), "Big Black Good Man" (AOTT)

March 17 Natalia Ginzburg (Italy), "The Mother" (AOTT)

March 27 Ginzburg, "Shoes" and "The Son of Man" SECOND PAPER DUE

March 29 Italo Calvino (Italy), "Adam, One Afternoon", "The Enchanted Garden"

March 31 Calvino, "The Crow" and "The Adventure of a Traveler" (AOTT)

April 3 Calvino, "The Argentine Ant"

April 5 Giorgio Bassani (Italy), "A Night in '43"

April 7 Bassani, "A Plague on Via Mazzini"

April 10 Bassani, "The Last Days of Clelia Trotti"

April 12 Bassani, "Clelia Trotti"

April 14 Primo Levi (Italy), "Last Christmas of the War" and "The Quiet City"

April 19 Levi, "Small Causes" and "The Story of Avrom"

April 21 Levi, "Tired of Imposture" THIRD PAPER DUE

April 24 Ingeborg Bachmann (Austria), "Youth in an Austrian Town" and "The Barking"

April 26 Bachmann, "Everything" (AOTT)

April 28 Anna Seghers (GDR), "The Excursion of the Dead Girls"

May 1 Christa Wolf (GDR), "Change of Perspective"

May 3 Cynthia Ozick (USA), "The Suitcase" (AOTT)

May 5 Julio Cortazar (Argentina), "Azolotl" and "A Continuity of Parks"

May 8 Cortazar, "The Night Face Up"

May 10 Cortazar, "Bestiary" (AOTT)

May 12 Tommaso Landolfi (Italy), "Gogol's Wife" (AOTT)

May 15 Dino Buzzati (Italy), "Seven Floors" (AOTT), Wolfgang Hildesheimer (FRG), "Why I Transformed Myself into a Nightingale" (AOTT)


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